Might and Magic X Legacy Deluxe Uplay (Ubisoft Connect)

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  • Genre: RPG (Roleplay)
  • Rating: (15)
  • System: Windows PC
  • Languages:
    German*, English, French*, Italian*, Spanish*, Portuguese*, Japanese*
  • Delivery: Uplay (Ubisoft Connect)
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
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Description of Might and Magic X Legacy Deluxe

Buy Might and Magic X Legacy Deluxe as a Uplay (Ubisoft Connect).

Rediscover the mythic Might & Magic role-playing series, updated for a new generation in Might & Magic X - Legacy. Experience a gripping four-act story that will test your tactics and judgement.

Features Deluxe

  • FREE COPY OF MIGHT & MAGIC® VI: The Deluxe Edition includes a free copy of Might & Magic VI, one of the most praised episodes in the Might & Magic franchise.

  • EXCLUSIVE DUNGEON WHEN IT RELEASES: THE DREAM SHARD: Explore the Dream Shard dungeon and pursue your quests in the Agyn Peninsula!

  • FIRST DLC FOR FREE WHEN IT RELEASES: THE FALCON AND THE UNICORN: Deluxe Edition owners will get to enjoy the game’s very first DLC called the Falcon and the Unicorn for free when it releases.

  • DIGITAL SOUNDTRACK: Get the Might & Magic X – Legacy official soundtrack for free and listen to thirteen unique compositions from the acclaimed duo of composers, Roc Chen and Jason Graves.

Features Might and Magic X Legacy

  • 12 playable classes: Customise your team of adventurers with choices from 12 different classes, 4 races, and over 20 skills. Evolve your party members and develop unique strategies using freshly acquired spells.

  • 3 towns and 1 city: Begin your great journey at Sorpigal-by-the-Sea, travel to the other settlements, visit monuments, recruit hirelings, and trade with shopkeepers.

  • Open world: Travel through stunning environments, choose which region you want to explore first but be careful, danger is never far off.

  • Various quests: Discover the sinister plot happening in the Agyn Peninsula, shape its inhabitants' stories, and evolve your party thanks to fun and original quests full of Easter Eggs!

  • 20+ dungeons: Experience fear and claustrophobia in the dark heart of classic dungeons, and feel vulnerable to attack from all sides while crossing open landscapes.

  • More than 60 creatures and 6 unique bosses: Face cunning foes in turn-based combat and adapt your fighting skills to the mightiest creatures.

  • MODDING KIT: Create your own map and mods to express yourself, design the game you want to play and share your creative vision with the Might & Magic X – Legacy community!

System Requirements von Might and Magic X Legacy Deluxe

System Requirements Windows

OS: Windows Vista® SP2 / Windows® 7 SP1 / Windows® 8 (32/64bit)
CPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.6 GHz+ / AMD Athlon64™ X2 5200+ @ 2.7 GHz+
Graphics: 512 MB, Shader Model 4.0, NVIDIA™ GeForce® 8800GTX+ / AMD™ Radeon HD3870
  • Critics

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"Fans of the series looking for a true successor to the earlier groundbreaking titles will find a pleasing trek down memory lane. Newcomers will find delving into the title much..."

– Daniel Tack, Game Informer

"Retro and proud, understanding why these games were fun even if they are in the past."

– Richard Cobbett, PC Gamer

"Might and Magic X: Legacy delivers tough, but fair turn-based fantasy combat that largely works."

– Leif Johnson, IGN

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