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Description of The Planner - Farming

In “The Planner - Farming” your recently deceased grandfather leaves you his ramshackle old farm and it’s up to you to whip it back into shape. Take on the challenge and follow in your grandpa’s footsteps. Employ personnel, purchase new buildings, vehicles and fields, and rear dairy cattle to increase your earnings and ultimately restore your farming venture to its former splendor.

Features The Planner - Farming

  • Invest in new tractors, machinery, cattle sheds, silos, alternative energy, fields, building plots, storehouses, and much more.
  • But you don’t get nothing for nothing! Keep your numbers in the black or take out a loan if needs be! Keep a constant eye on your revenues and expenditures
  • Employ personnel, who'll become more efficient over the course of the game, if you’re prepare to pay them enough
  • Expand your farm with a variety of different buildings and efficiently use the building lots available to you
  • Renovate and expand your own house
  • Adapt to the seasons and manage your fields optimally, taking into consideration soil quality, meteorological effects, and pest and mold infestations
  • Cope with the challenges of managing a dairy herd
  • Complete with a talent system - Boost your ego by unlocking talents to give you the edge in the game
  • An animated 3D mentor, complete with voice, shares the secrets of agricultural success with you
  • Deal with random events such as gambling debts, inheritance, tax and vet bills and keep a level head

System Requirements von The Planner - Farming

System Requirements Windows

OS: Windows® Vista SP2/Windows 7/Windows 8
CPU: 2 GHz Athlon®/Pentium IV®
Graphics: 512 MB VRAM, Shader 3.0

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