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Insane Decay of Mind
Insane Decay of Mind / Now Available   $2.99 -80% $0.60
HoPiKo / Now Available   $6.99 -92% $0.59
Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?!
Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?! / Now Available   $7.99 -88% $0.96
Safety First!
Safety First! / Now Available   $2.99 -80% $0.60
Crewsaders / Now Available   $2.99 -75% $0.75
The Franz Kafka Videogame
The Franz Kafka Videogame / Now Available   $6.99 -90% $0.70
Red Barton and the Sky Pirates
Red Barton and the Sky Pirates / Now Available   $0.99 -49% $0.50
The End
The End / Now Available   $3.99 -90% $0.40
Dark Veer
Dark Veer / Try to survive what lurks in the corners   $4.99 -90% $0.50
Oh My Gore!
Oh My Gore! / Now Available   $1.99 -75% $0.50

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Murder is a short story about the intersection of morality and sentience, told in the form of a point and click adventure.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Arcade & Indie / Action
$0.99 -90% $0.10


Become a Timberman, chop wood and avoid the branches. Almost 30 million players could not be wrong - featured as one of the best casual games.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Arcade & Indie / Casual
$0.99 -90% $0.10

Snake Eyes Dungeon

Enter the dungeon, get lost and roll the dice against the monsters! Play your chances against dangerous monsters like ghosts, werewolves or even the frankenstein monster himself!

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie
$0.99 -75% $0.25


Winexy is a realistic 3D rolling ball game with a simple gameplay and entertaining action.

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie
$0.99 -75% $0.25

Frederic: Resurrection of Music

Step into Frederic Chopin's shoes, and embark onto an one-of-a-kind adventure through musical genre in this remastered especially for Steam enhanced version.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Arcade & Indie
$2.99 -90% $0.30

TimeLock VR

TimeLock VR is an Escape the Room with Action elements where you take control over the time!

Windows PC  Action / Virtual Reality
$4.99 -93% $0.35

Yon Paradox

What happens when a time machine goes crazy? Avoiding dangerous time paradoxes, your only hope is to repair the machine between the time rewinds.

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / Virtual Reality
$2.99 -87% $0.39


This game will give you an impression of what happens when you mix the setting and humour of Shrek, Discworld and the Monkey Island series.

Windows PC  Adventure
$3.99 -90% $0.40

Theatre of War 2: Centauro

This expansion pack is dedicated to the 131st Armored Division Centauro and the battles it took part in North Africa starting from December 1942 till mid-May 1943.

Windows PC  Strategy
$1.99 -80% $0.40

The End

You embody a fox in captivity in a cyberpunk world. A mysterious divinity sets you free and asks you to join her on a quest to find the last humans in this world. During this adventure you must protect your cub from various threats

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / Action
$3.99 -90% $0.40

Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 1

Latona Research Station has been destroyed by unknown assailants. The only survivor is a young girl who was rescued by the Starship Quicksilver and her renowned captain.

Windows PC  Adventure / Arcade & Indie
$1.59 -75% $0.40

Sentience: The Android's Tale

You can remember nothing before this moment. Your existence begins with a keystroke followed by the flick of a switch. Electrical power streams into your neural network, and you are alive.

Windows PCApple Mac  Adventure / Arcade & Indie
$3.99 -90% $0.40

Bus Driver Simulator - Hungarian Legend

A legendary Hungarian bus which was manufactured in 1971-2002 for urban and suburban routes.

Windows PC  Simulation
$1.99 -80% $0.40

Bus Driver Simulator - Soviet Legend

This legendary high-rise, medium-sized Soviet (Ukrainian) bus, manufactured from 1974 to 2006, can still be found in the streets of some countries of the former USSR.

Windows PC  Simulation
$1.99 -80% $0.40

Bus Driver Simulator - European Minibus

This German minibus, in production since 1995, was created to meet various needs, such as comfortable passenger transportation and cargo transportation. Produced with different chassis, it can be used as a minibus, van, refrigerated vehicle or special-purpose vehicle (ambulance, mobile office etc.).

Windows PC  Simulation
$1.99 -80% $0.40

Bus Driver Simulator - Old Legend

This small bus, designed for transportation over short distances, was manufactured from 1967 to 1989. Its good maneuverability is an advantage both in urban conditions and on highways.

Windows PC  Simulation
$1.99 -80% $0.40

Bus Driver Simulator - Tourist

The Tourist is a high-capacity Soviet intercity bus. It differs from the urban version in that it is a little longer and does not have automatic doors. More comfortable, it features reclining seats with reading lights and individual ventilation for all passengers. In addition, the power steering makes the Tourist an easier vehicle to drive.

Windows PC  Simulation
$1.99 -80% $0.40

Metro Simulator 2020 - 'Moskva' Paintings Pack

Inspired by real machines, this pack contains three exclusive skins for the Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Baku (Azerbaijan), and Kazan (Russia – to be developed) trains. In Tashkent and Baku, the skins include alternative looks for the headlights.

Windows PC  Simulation
$1.99 -80% $0.40

Chamber of Darkness

Play as a fearsome knight on a journey filled with challenges. Use a variety of abilities and powerups to take down enemies in an abandoned, torn by war castle.

Windows PC  Adventure / Arcade & Indie
$2.99 -86% $0.42

Puzzle Chambers

What would you do if you woke up in a mysterious place with supernatural abilities and the suspicion that your hosts might be aliens?

Windows PCApple Mac  Arcade & Indie
$2.99 -86% $0.42