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April 11, 2019 – CraigBGP Team

Anno 1800: Family drama unfolds in the Story Campaign

In the late 19th century of the 1800s, we experience a real family drama in the campaign of the upcoming strategy game Anno 1800. Ubisoft tells us what the story of the game is all about.

The Industrial Revolution was a time of change and new beginnings. Technological innovations and their influence on politics made it difficult for the aristocratic nobility to stay on the ball. In the late 19th century, the power of the aristocracy waned. During the development of Anno 1800, Ubisoft was inspired by the adventure stories from the French literary masterpiece "The Count of Monte Christo", which helped shaped the creation of the story campaign for Anno 1800.

In the campaign you relive the story of a 19th Century family, in a tale of tragic loss, revenge and claiming your legacy at all costs. As a descendant of a noble British Family, your Father is outed as a traitor and ultimately ends up in an early grave. Can you win back your family's empire?

Your uncle Edvard seems to be behind various intrigues, who was apparently after all the possessions of your family, while you've been away on an adventure trip elsewhere. Edvard has personally made sure that your reputation at home is dragged into the mud, "A traitor's child," they say, "nothing is sacred to the man".

From zero to 1800 in 100,000 mouse clicks

To claim that at the beginning of the campaign you are completely faced with nothing would also be a little exaggerated. After all, with the help of your sister Hannah and friend Aarhant, you can build a new empire on an island. Step by step on the trade routes, stone by stone in building. In the four chapters of the Anno 1800 campaign, you'll find out who's pulling the strings in the background. Maybe it's not even Uncle Edvard alone who got you into all this. The game's campaign credibly traces the experiences of the aristocracy, who actually had a hard time during the Industrial Revolution. It's about power shifts, political intrigues, personal reputation, and, of course, money in the end. Restore your reputation and stamp a new empire out of the ground!

Anno 1800 Campaign-Teaser

The first chapter of the campaign is included with the Open Beta for Anno 1800 this weekend and you can get your hands on with the game for free from April 12 - 14th. All information about the Open Beta can be found in our article. You can start preloading the Open Beta today and be ready to go tomorrow!

Anno 1800 launches on April 16th, pre-order the game from Gamesplanet by launch to get your key instantly. You'll also get some great bonuses for pre-ordering (Anno 1602 Monument, Imperial Command Ship, and Imperial Train), which are only available during pre-order. On Gamesplanet we offer the Standard and the Deluxe Edition of Anno 1800. From April 16th, Anno 1800 will officially only be available digitally at Uplay and one other exclusive digital store.

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