Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – September 16, 2021     0

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One arrives November 16th 2021

Solve a mystery when Sherlock Holmes Chapter One launches on November 16th 2021. Take a look at the new gameplay trailer while you wait! Put on your detective hat as Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is launching later this year on November 16th 2021....

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (Epic) – September 16, 2021     0

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands launches March 25th 2022, gets new Gamplay Trailer!

2k Games and Gearbox prepare to roll the dice with Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, launching next year on March 25th 2022. Get a taste of the crazy shooter mayhem that awaits with a new gameplay trailer while you wait. The Borderlands series has been...

Age of Empires IV – September 16, 2021     0

Play the Age of Empires 4 Stress test from Sept 17th - 20th

Surprisingly, Xbox Game Studios is inviting you to a beta weekend with the strategy game Age of Empires 4, which will be released on 28 October 2021. The Open Beta starts on 17 September and this is how you play along. This came out of the blue...

DEATHLOOP – September 14, 2021     0

DEATHLOOP - Launch Trailer

Land on Blackreef, an island that will be your prison for life unless you break the cycle! Indeed, you are stuck in a time loop, forced to relive the same day. If history repeats itself, you learn with each iteration until you achieve the perfect...

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – September 09, 2021     0

Try and save on the Rainbow Six Siege during the Trial Weekend from September 9 - 12th

Another trial weekend is coming up and Ubisoft is offering Rainbow Six Siege for free to all interested gamers over the weekend from 9th to 12th September. During this weekend, we are also offering discounts of up to 80%. Even after a few...

Marvel's Midnight Suns – September 08, 2021     0

20 Minutes of Marvel's Midnight Suns Gameplay Footage

More than "just" an XCOM: Marvel's Midnight Suns turns out to be an exciting mix of turn-based tactics, role-playing and a lot of Marvel story around it in the developer presentation. Definitely watch it! The trailer for the announcement of...

Bus Simulator 21 – September 07, 2021     0

Bus Simulator 21: See the best part of the series through Europe and the USA - Trailer

Go on a ride with Bus Simulator 21, which is now available. Includes a high-gloss finish, two expanded maps and everything that makes the life of a bus driver more enjoyable. You have already experienced the everyday life of a bus driver, but it...

Tales of Arise – September 07, 2021     0

Tales of Arise - Forge Your Path - Summary Trailer

Prepare for adventure later this week when the next entry in the Tales series arrives on September 10th with the launch of Tales of Arise. The Tales series is celebrating its 26th anniversary this year, and with it comes the 17th main entry in...

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