Farming Simulator 22 (Steam) – July 25, 2021     0

FarmCon 21: 30 Minutes of New Farming Simulator 22 Gameplay Footage

Farming Simulator 22 does a lot better than its predecessor. Fans react with enthusiasm to the gameplay reveal from FarmCon 21. Watch the hour-long gameplay presentation here. "The engine sound is BREATHING!!!" "Finally the gear shift is in the...

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector – July 22, 2021     0

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector - Launch Trailer

Warhammer fans have been waiting for this. And not only them: In general, Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector is a feast for PC strategists, but mainly for those who also like the tabletop variant. The first reviews are promising with IGN rating...

Farming Simulator 22 (Steam) – July 22, 2021     0

FarmCom 21: GIANTS shows off the new Elmcreek map from Farming Simulator 22

Not a Nightmare on Elmcreek, but a dream: Developer GIANTS presented the new Elmcreek map in detail in the FarmCom 21 livestream. Get a look at your future home! Yesterday in the livestream of this year's FarmCom 21, GIANTS Software laid its...

Farming Simulator 22 (Steam) – July 22, 2021     0

FarmCon 21: Seasonal weather in Farming Simulator 22 showcased

With Farming Simulator 22, GIANTS Software introduces seasonal weather conditions. At FarmCom 21, the studio has now presented the change of seasons in detail. It is one of those features where you ask yourself: "Why only now?". There is a right...

DEATHLOOP – July 21, 2021     0

Deathloop Pre-order Bonuses and Deluxe content showcase trailer

The time bending, first person shooting action of Bethesda's next-gen FPS Deathloop is blasting onto our screens later this year on September 14th, for not only PS5, but also PC. While we wait, Bethesda have detailed exactly what the pre-order...

Farming Simulator 22 (Steam) – July 18, 2021     0

Precision Farming: GIANTS free DLC comes to Farming Simulator 22 in Spring 2022!

With Precision Farming to sustainable farming: For Farming Simulator 19 you can download the free Precision Farming DLC for free and will be available in the upcoming Farming Simulator 22 from Spring 2022. Additional content for more...

FOR HONOR – July 15, 2021     0

Enter the war in the FOR HONOR free weekend from July 15th to July 19th!

Ubisoft invites us to play FOR HONOR for free this weekend from July 15th to July 19th. Below you will find an overview of the available editions and our offers! The main focus in FOR HONOR is the multiplayer part. Players compete against each...

Company of Heroes 2 – July 14, 2021     0

Company of Heroes 3 announced for 2022, play the Pre-Alpha Today!

The news hits like a grenade: Relic Entertainment and SEGA announce the release of Company of Heroes 3 in 2022 with a trailer and an early pre-alpha version that can already be played now! Nine years after Company of Heroes 2, the hugely popular...

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