Stellaris – April 08, 2021     0

Stellaris Nemesis: Feature Breakdown Video

Nobody: Stellaris Nemesis: Determine the fate of an entire galaxy by becoming a crisis yourself. That's right. In the upcoming strategy game expansion Stellaris: Nemesis, you have in your hands what becomes of unstable galaxies. Decide between...

Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition – April 06, 2021     0

Mass Effect Legendary Edition vs Original Comparison

The epic Sci-Fi RPG trilogy returns to PC and consoles next month on May 14th, get a taste of what to expect from the Mass Effect Legendary Edition while you wait! Not much longer to wait now until we start exploring the galaxy once again with...

April 01, 2021     0

Wired Direct 2021 showcase shows off a range of upcoming indie titles!

It may be a slower than normal time in gaming this year, but there's still plenty to look forward to as publisher Wired Productions, best known for their Indie titles such as The Falconeer, Deliver Us The Moon and Victor Vran gave us a glimpse at...

No Man's Sky – March 31, 2021     0

Explore the galaxy with a new way to play in the No Man's Sky - Expeditions Update

Reach for the stars once more as Hello Games brings the free Expeditions Update to their popular open world space sandbox game No Man's Sky. It seems there's no slowing down the sandbox open world Sci-Fi game No Man's Sky, which is turning 5...

Super Seducer 3 - Uncensored Edition – March 26, 2021     11

Super Seducer 3 now available on with an uncensored version!

Super Seducer 3 is finally and exclusively available on Thanks to partnership with Richard La Ruina and PUA Training Ltd, as an uncensored version and with a bonus content! Super Seducer 3 was refused by Steam in mid-February to...

BIOMUTANT – March 25, 2021     0

Test your Kung Fu with BIOMUTANT on May 25th & Pre-order today!

Open world Kung-Fu action awaits on May 25th 2021 with the release of BIOMUTANT from publisher THQ Nordic. Get a taste of what awaits in a brand new combat trailer and pre-order today! Learn the ways of Kung-Fu later this year when the open world...

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – March 24, 2021     1

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One - Gameplay Trailer

After previously answering community questions about this new episode of the most famous private investigator, Frogwares has today released a brand new a video dedicated to its gameplay for the upcoming entry in the series. Tracing the genesis of...

Destiny 2 (Free to Play) – March 24, 2021     0

Destiny 2: New Strike arrives with the latest update + Trailer!

Thanks to an update, the popular MMO shooter Destiny 2 is now a few bugs smaller, but also one strike richer. Round up your fellow players and try your hand at the brand new "Proving Grounds" Strike. The country needs new champions! But you have...

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