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Brutal, crazy, tactical… this is BLOOD BOWL! The iconic death sport returns with the new video game of fantasy football faithfully using the latest board game rules and new content. Create your team, then crush, mulch and cheat your way to the top... leaving your opponents in the graveyard.

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November 06, 2022 – CraigBGP Team

Blood Bowl 3 gets ready for release on February 23rd 2023!

The starting signal for Nacon's turn-based and brutal fantasy football game Blood Bowl 3 will be heard on February 23rd 2023. This is what the new release trailer tells us.

It's been two years since the initial announcement of Blood Bowl 3 at Gamescom 2020, a moment that has been eagerly anticipated by the fantasy football community. For the athletic creatures from the forge of developer Cyanide, things will soon get serious: In February 2023, humans, elves and orcs will leave their training camps, ready to sacrifice themselves for their death sport. Take a look at the trailer and immerse yourself in a Warhammer universe where weird creatures fight for the ball on an American football field. All punches are allowed, so no quarter for your opponents!

Mud in the match: this is how brutal Blood Bowl 3 is

In the role of the coach, you give instructions to your players: Impede your opponents' progress by positioning players in their tackle zone, tear down those who get in your way, and then break through to your opponent's end zone to punt the ball! All of your units will level up as you gain experience and receive bonuses to stats or new abilities. Be careful, though: Injuries are common, especially if you have a goblin referee who doesn't watch out for characteristic aggression. It is even possible for some athletes to be carried feet-first off the pitch and end their careers for good....

At launch, Blood Bowl 3 will feature twelve factions, four of which are playable for the first time in a Blood Bowl game, a single-player campaign open to all races, new customisation options and an enhanced competitive mode.

Buy Blood Bowl 3: available for pre-order on Gamesplanet soon.

Where can you buy Blood Bowl 3? You will soon be able to pre-order the American football simulation in the Warhammer universe at Gamesplanet. Of course, pre-order bonuses will be included and we guarantee a punctual delivery anyway.

Tip: Blood Bowl 1, Blood Bowl 2 and several expansions are still on sale with the Gamesplanet Weekly Deals.

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