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Broken Arrow is a large-scale real-time modern warfare tactics game. A unique army building system and deep units customisation tools allow for endless replayability. With 200+ realistic military units and technologies, each battle is more immersive than ever before.

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December 15, 2021 – RafalMGP Team

Broken Arrow: Slitherine shares 12-minute gameplay scenario

With Broken Arrow, Slitherine wants to prove that modern PC warfare does not have to be limited to small battles and few units. The real-time tactics game lets you play the American and Russian factions, with more than 200 units and different deck specialisations in each case. The mix of typical real-time tactics gameplay and the features of a joint forces wargame is meant to outshine other genre representatives and show completely different scales. From the looks of the extra-long gameplay video here, the plan seems to be working.

Slitherine proudly presented Broken Arrow at yesterday's HowLivePlus event. If you take the reactions in the livestream chat as an indicator of the hype, then the developer and publisher has probably come up with the most anticipated strategy game with Broken Arrow. Genre fans are excited and can hardly wait for the release. Neither can we, by the way, but there is no firm release date for Broken Arrow yet. The game developed by Steel Balalaika and Slitherine only has the current status "Coming soon".

As wargame fans, the Russian developers of Steel Balalaika strive to achieve an optimal mix between strategy and action. Realistic battles are in the foreground.

Broken Arrow Unique Game Features

Build your army deck by choosing from over 200 different units. Part of the battle is won by planning well: create the right combination of unit types and weapons to defeat your enemy, and don’t forget to consider the terrain when you choose.

Broken Arrow features a wide range of units, that are split into seven categories based on their characteristics: your army deck includes recon units, infantry, fighting vehicles, support units, logistical units, helicopters and airstrikes slots.

  • RECON UNITS: includes infantry, vehicles and drones specialized in the task of spotting and marking the enemy position.
  • INFANTRY: includes line infantry, shock troops, special forces, anti-tank teams, anti-aircraft teams.
  • FIGHTING VEHICLES: includes tanks, ATGM carriers and fire support vehicles.
  • SUPPORT: includes artillery and anti-aircraft vehicles that provide long range support on the battlefield.
  • LOGISTICS:, includes all the units designed to improve combat efficiency by providing ammunition, repairs, medical supplies and much more.
  • HELICOPTERS: includes multipurpose cavalry units best used far from the heatpoints.
  • AIRSTRIKES: includes many different weapons, swarms of tactical missiles and airdrops of troops, vehicles and supplies.

Modern vehicles and aircraft are generally compatible with different weapons and armor packages; Broken Arrow features a detailed customisation system that allows you to modify the specific components of your units, either individually or as a loadout.

  • Customize your aircraft by choosing weapons, fuel tanks, designation pods, countermeasure pods and decoys.
  • Add armor or defensive systems to your vehicles and upgrade their weaponry and sensors.
  • Special forces have access to a wide variety of equipment for you to choose: add suppressors, thermal optics, reconnaissance drones, explosive charges and much more.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAFpXqz8V40

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