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Champions of Anteria

Welcome to Anteria, a magical kingdom that’d be rather delightful if it wasn’t enslaved by a bloodthirsty horde of enemy factions that have more evil tricks than you can imagine. This epic real-time strategy extravaganza invites you to unleash the powers of five Champions to defeat the enemy, rec...

Windows PC  Strategy
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July 14, 2016 – CraigBGP Team

Champions of Anteria - When Strategy and Action RPGs Collide, coming August 30th!

Coming next month is brand new RPG/RTS game called Champions of Anteria which puts a unique spin on the genre and allows you to control 3 heroes at one time, you'll use these heroes to travel the world and destroy foes. Each Hero gets a unique Element which can be used to counter enemies of another, one example would be using Fire against Metal that would melt them (think Pokemon).

You'll venture into randomized missions which represent sections of the map, if you manage to beat them then you'll add that area to your kingdom. Fail and your heroes will live to fight another day (possibly with better odds and more resources). It's not all fights though as you progress it will need a strong leader capable of making their kingdom great by constructing appropriate buildings for the task at hand. If you want potions for a fight you'll need an apothecary and to do that you will need workshops.

Dev Diary

Champions of Anteria is out on August 30th and can be pre-ordered today for 20% off (which also comes with the Exclusive Weapons Starter Pack for free)!

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