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July 20, 2017 – CraigBGP Team

DOOM: Update 6.66 makes all the DLC content free, offers a free weekend to test out the game

Bethesda have opened the gates of Hell with the latest DOOM update, as it now gives players access to the all the previous paid DLC content for free. You can test DOOM for yourself later today when the free weekend begins.

The DOOM community has been a bit mixed of recent times, due in part to players not having the same content and forcing players to buy DLC Packs to be able to play with others. Fortunately though that entry barrier has been removed and now everyone will have the exact same content as the DLC Packs and Season Pass have been removed! From 6pm tonight you will be able to jump into DOOM and experience one of the best FPS games in recent years (personally was one of the best titles for 2016). Try out DOOM for free tonight when the free weekeend begins!

Bethesda launches the 6.66 update for DOOM, giving players various bug fixes and improvements to the Multiplayer mode and SnapMap. With the update also brings with it an overhaul to the DLC, previously you needed to purchase one of the DLC packs (or Season Pass) but as of today that has been retired and players have access to all of the Multiplayer maps, modes, weapons, demons amd more!

Additionally, progression for the Multiplayer has been revamped and now instead of relying on random unlocks, items can be unlocked via leveling or from in-game challenges. If you're wanting to work towards a certain item then all you need to do is focus on the requirements to unlock it. Should a player already have an item prior to the update, they will not need to unlock it again.

Runes replace the Hack Module system

The Hack Module system has also been redesigned and replaced by the new Rune System. Like with Hack Modules, players can pick these abilities that persist through their gameplay experience - something that was not possible with the last system. These Runes will offer up a variety of gameplay benefits and can be turned on/off at will, giving new ways to tackle fights. You can see more about the new system and other additions in the Official Patch Notes on the Bethesda site.

DOOM Free weekend

Should you want to give DOOM a whirl for yourself, you can try the game over the weekend as Bethesda are offering players a free weekend to shoot demons (or each other). Here's the start time for the free weekend on each platform:

  • DOOM on PC: Start time July 20, 2017, 6PM BST
  • DOOM on Xbox One: Start time July 20, 2017, 5PM BST
  • DOOM on PlayStation 4: Start time July 27, 2017, 5PM BST

The free weekend will give players a chance to try out the first two levels of the single player, as well as taking on the Arcade Mode. Multiplayer will be playable too and if you want to get creative the SnapMap feature will let you make your own levels to fight in.

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