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June 12, 2017 – FionnGP Team

Doom VFR announced for Bethesda at E3 2017

Doom VFR kicked off Monday at E3 along with a whole host of other explosive titles. Take a look at the action-packed video and work out what the F stands for

Check out the Doom VFR reveal trailer above. It looks like we'll get the ability to teleport to different areas of the map as long as there is line of sight and presumably something stable to stand on. A great way to get up close and personal with a demon, and go toe-to-toe (or eyeball-to-eyeball) in the VR installment of Doom.

Doom VFR was announced for HTC Vive and PSVR, but not for the Rift; which is insanely scandalous to say the least. Doom VFR is realeased in Q4 2017. And Fallout 4 VR is coming this October for Vive and HTC. If you've still not played the latest Doom title you can buy that Directly from Gamesplanet at a discounted rate!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYOasB6aI_A

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