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Dragon’s Dogma is a single player, narrative driven action-RPG series that challenges the players to choose their own experience – from the appearance of their Arisen, their vocation, their party, how to approach different situations and more. Now, in this long-awaited sequel, the deep, explorabl...

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November 29, 2023 – CraigBGP Team

Dragon's Dogma 2 Showcase: Big gameplay presentation, news about the story and the release

Capcom lets the dragon out of the bag: Yesterday's showcase showed a lot of gameplay from Dragon's Dogma 2, which is scheduled for release in March 2024.

It was a 14-minute presentation that should have answered many questions from fans of action RPGs - especially those of Dragon's Dogma. Dragon's Dogma 2 now has an official release date: Capcom will be releasing its new single-player RPG on March 22nd 2024, but you'll feel anything but alone in it. Because in the sequel, you'll also team up with freely configurable minions and boot through a dark fantasy world with them, killing small and giant enemies and realising that it's a parallel world to the one from Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - this has also been confirmed in the showcase. As the "Arisen" (Awakened One), you find yourself in the middle of a conflict over Vermund's heir to the throne. And it seems that a false Awakened has already been placed on the throne. Cheeky!

A few special features emerged during the presentation: Dedicated minions not only help you in battles, but are also very useful elsewhere. For example, as translators if you stumble into an elven area and don't understand a syllable of what the long-eared creatures have to say. The Awakened in Dragon's Dogma 2 also have access to a new vocation, which the developer calls "Trickster". As Tricksters, Awakened wield orbs laden with steaming incense to buff allies or cast clouds and illusions on enemies to make survival more difficult.

In terms of graphics and general visual presentation, Dragon's Dogma 2 is clearly superior to its predecessor. Although it fortunately still looks like a Dragon's Dogma and thus once again looks "medieval-European" in an idiosyncratic way, the developers have really upped the ante when it comes to monster design and manoeuvres. For example, gigantic enemies stomp through the landscape, throw huge spears and destroy entire fortifications in one fell swoop. Players climb up large enemies like in the classic Shadow of the Colossus or Monster Hunter and work on individual, sensitive body parts. This looks really fantastic in places in the showcase, which alone makes it worth your while to watch the full video.

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