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Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition

Now with guns! With the Reloaded Edition, the arsenal at your disposal has grown massively. Be creative with your combat or outrun your foes as you enjoy the perks of more than 10 post-launch updates. Good luck out there, and stay human!

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January 06, 2022 – CraigBGP Team

Dying Light 2: Clips show skill trees and RTX effects

Get a taste of the upcoming Dying Light 2 from Techand with new videos showcasing the RTX and Skill trees within the game, which is launching next month on February 4th 2022.

There's not much to hear in the new Dying Light 2 Stay Human Skill Trees Reveal video, but you can see it. Developer Techland shows the two skill trees for combat and for parkour skills, at least as a rough overview. Among the combat manoeuvres, for example, is the ability "Block Charge". With this skill, you fend off an opponent in front of you, charge at him and push him to the ground. Another skill is "Perfect Parry". If you deflect an attack at exactly the right time, your opponent will stagger for a moment.

Your parkour skills will include the Far Jump. Jump off an object of your choice to reach more distant targets. Another skill in Dying Light 2 is the bash ability. Even hordes of enemies can't stop you when Bash is activated - close your eyes and get through!

Dying Light 2 with RTX effects

A second recent video called "Dying Light 2 Stay Human 4K RTX ON Presentation" was created in cooperation with Nvidia to show the game off in the recent CES stream. It shows how RTX effects, i.e. switched-on ray tracing, affect the game graphics of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Without a doubt, it looks pretty nice. But if you want to enjoy it smoothly in 4K, you will probably have to switch on DLSS as well to get the best possible framerates. Dying Light 2 will also be ready for that at release.

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