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Empire of Sin, the strategy game from Romero Games and Paradox Interactive, puts you at the heart of the ruthless criminal underworld of 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago.

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June 12, 2019 – CraigBGP Team

E3 2019: Empire of Sin - Paradox Announces Gangster XCOM by John Romero

John Romero and Paradox Interactive team up for a new XCOM style strategy game, set in the gangster period of the 1920s - what could go wrong? Spoiler: Probably nothing.

John Romero has made a name for himself as creator of DOOM and a father of the first person shooter genre. For the upcoming Empire of Sin, which is created by Romero's development studio Romero Games and published by Paradox Interactive, the FPS legend is trying something different. Empire of Sin is a tactical strategy game that features turn-based combat similiar to that of games like XCOM.

In Empire of Sin you won't drag a BFG around with you (unless Romero rolls out a corresponding Easter Egg). You instead play as a band of gangsters, which takes place in 1920's Chicago and it's on you to do whatever it takes to stay on top of the crime syndicates. The game features a narrative driven experience that will see the player going behind the scenes of the underworld as part of an organised crime family.

Empire of Sin Features

  • Build A Crime Empire: Raise your criminal empire from the ground up by selecting your racket of choice (be it speakeasies, union protection, or casinos) and building a team of loyal mobsters to make your mark on the streets. Once you make a name for yourself, expand your influence by taking over rival territory and add more endeavors to your repertoire.

  • Defend and Expand Territory: If it comes to blows, hypothetically of course, and your posse needs to send a message, face off in brutal turn-based combat. Strategically recruit your goons and build a strong chemistry within your crew to maximize combat damage and help secure your hold on the city.

  • Living, Breathing World: Explore the streets of vibrant 1920s Chicago and interact with a full cast of living, breathing characters each with lives of their own that inform how they react to what you do (or don’t do). Schmooze, coerce, seduce, threaten, or kill them to get your way.

  • Wield Your Influence: Make and break alliances, bribe cops, and trade on the black market to raise your faction rating and expand your crime family. But always keep your enemies close and ensure you have a mole on the inside and eyes everywhere.

  • Multiple Victory Strategies: Whether you make it to the top with violence, social influence, or city-wide notoriety, there are a number of ways to become King or Queen of Chicago. With various starting conditions and constantly changing crew dynamics, no two playthroughs will ever be the same.

Empire of Sin is coming to PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2020.

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