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Cultivated to be bigger and better - the ultimate and multimillion-selling farming simulation returns this November! Farming Simulator 22 offers more depth and the highest extent of player freedom in the history of the series.

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August 26, 2021 – RafalMGP Team

Gamescom: GIANTS Shows Scenes From Farming Simulator 22 in Gameplay Trailer

Hurrah, a new Farming Simulator 22 gameplay trailer from Gamescom! Wait, what? Only 78 seconds? We want more!

A video for which all the PC farmers of this world will drop their field work for a moment. GIANTS dropped a new gameplay trailer from the digital Gamescom 2021. It's showcases the actual gameplay. Even though the video is titled "First Gameplay Trailer", we could see bits of gameplay in previous videos from FarmCon 21. Unfortunately the new footage is quite short.

The similarities to the predecessor, Farming Simulator 19, are visible at a first glance. But only at a first glance. The devil is in the details. GIANTS have added several new features to Farming Simulator 22, which not only affect the game experience itself, but also the graphical fidelity. The most obvious effects will be the change of seasons. In the trailer starting at 0:55, the time lapse makes the season change clear. In addition, the newly integrated POM technology (Parallax Occlusion Mapping), among other things, allows for a more beautiful play with light and shadow. In short: The representation of surfaces, for example of fields, looks more authentic in Farming Simulator 22. In another article we present POM in detail.

Buy Farming Simulator 22: Steam or GIANTS key?

On 22 November 2021, developer and publisher GIANTS Software will release Farming Simulator 22. You can pre-order either a Steam- or GIANTS-Key for FS22 on Gamesplanet. The bonus content for the pre-orderers, i.e. the CLAAS XERION SADDLE TRAC Pack, will of course also be delivered. Also nice: Thanks to our new Early Bird Programme for all pre-orderers, you will also receive a free bonus game from us. How to activate it is described on our Farming Simulator 22 Early-Bird page.

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