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Ghostwire: Tokyo

Tokyo's population has vanished, and deadly supernatural forces prowl the streets. Use an arsenal of elemental abilities to unravel the truth behind the disappearance and save Tokyo.

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March 16, 2023 – CraigBGP Team

"Thread of the Spider" update for Ghostwire Tokyo coming in April with new areas and more

In April, you should descend the thread of the spider in Ghostwire Tokyo, Bethesda recommends. Are they crazy now or is the free update package actually worth it?

On April 12th, the update "The Spider's Thread" for Ghostwire Tokyo will be released by Bethesda. The update package with additional content is free for all players. Get ready to face the new supernatural threats, strange happenings and ghostly apparitions in the turbulent metropolis. The following 21-second update trailer only begins to illustrate why it will be worthwhile to take another look at Ghostwire Tokyo:

The free update "The Spider's Thread" for Ghostwire: Tokyo offers numerous new contents for the main game. This includes additional areas to explore, expanded and new cutscenes as well as comfort improvements. There is also a brand new game mode called "The Thread of the Spider" (ah!), which is selectable in the main menu.

Running the Gauntlet in Tokyo

Whether you're an experienced ghost hunter or a newcomer to the paranormal world of Tokyo, this update offers a new challenge. In the new game mode, you will have to complete 30 levels of a gauntlet made up of over 120 handcrafted levels. Your goal is to get to the end - but it won't be easy. However, by successfully completing challenges you will become stronger and increase your chances.

But watch out: If you lose along the way, you'll have to start the gauntlet in Ghostwire Tokyo all over again. Fortunately, you will keep some of your upgrades. Follow the spider's thread down, unlock new abilities and master this challenging game mode! Returnal says hello. The Thread of the Spider update also brings new locations to the ghost-haunted streets of supernatural Tokyo, including a creepy middle school. There, inexplicable things happen in the classrooms - but even those who don't like scary games and wet themselves quickly won't be disappointed: The new setting "Reduced Horror Effects" replaces some psycho effects with delightful SHIIBUYA HACHI stickers.

The free update for Ghostwire Tokyo will be made available to you from 12 April 2023.

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