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July 04, 2017 – CraigBGP Team

GTA Online - New Supercar, Dawn Raid Game mode and Independence Week rewards await

Independence Week returns to GTA Online, plus players can take on the new Dawn Raid game mode to get their hands on double GTA$ and RP this week while they track packages at night.

For several days now, the Dawn Raid game mode has been available within GTA Online and players have been trying their luck in this themed raid to track packages. Players will be parachuted in at night, while using thermal and night vision to take on the competition while using the new "Trackify app" to locate the package with their team. Will you manage to stay on top and come out on top?

Your objective is to find it and transport it to the evacuation zone. Armed to the teeth and aided with Night and Thermal Vision Goggles, you must utilize the Trackify app to locate the correct package. But be careful, using Trackify makes you vulnerable to enemy fire.

Grabbing the package first and bringing it back will give players a wealth of rewards including double the amount of GTA$ and RP until July 10th, so be sure to get out there and fight for the chance to get some great bonuses this week! Should that not be enough, a new supercar "The Dewbauchee Vagner" is also available via Legendary Motorsports to own (if you have the cash for it).

July 4th is a national holiday for the US who celebrate Independence Day each year and just like the real holiday, GTA Online players can also get into the festivities too! Players can get classic outfits, firework launchers, plus they can get awesome rides with the Western Sovereign and the Liberator Monster Truck for 25% off until July 10th. Do you have a Mobile Operations Base yet? They can get special themed designs for the American holiday, as well as special colours for the MK II Weapons!

Noise Tee: New T-Shirts available in the Rockstar Warehouse

The new additions to Rockstar's Warehouse look quite stylish to wear, with a retro inspired feel (which reminds me a little of Vice City). The Noise Tee and the Noise Rockstar Logo Tee, are both now available to purchase! Logging into GTA Online by July 10th will unlock digital versions of the noise tees within the game itself.

If that wasn't enough, Docktease are also doing discounts on all Yachts during the Independence Week event. You can get one of the highly sought after luxury boats for up to 35% off, or kit out the Yachts with 50% off all modifications:

  • The Pisces: 25% off
  • The Orion: 30% off
  • The Aquarius: 35% off
  • Yacht Modifications: 50% off
  • All Watercraft on Docktease: 25% off
  • Cunning Stunts Clothing & Tattoos: 25% off

New Races and Time Trials

From July 4th until July 10th, you can expect new races to partake in and gain some sweet GTA$ or Triple RP if you take them on! To enter one of these, just visit the "Quick Job" app on your phone or you can look for the corresponding markers on your map in-game.

  • Premium Special Vehicle Race - "Atmosphere" (locked to Rocket Voltic)
  • Time Trial - "Storm Drain"

Everyone who places in the top 3 will earn Triple RP, anyone who beats the par time will also get rewards.

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