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May 27, 2020 – CraigBGP Team

Bike mod makes "real" cycling possible in GTA 5 on an exercise bike

Have you gained Coronakilos? This is happening to the body of gamers who can't get out because of the lockdown in many countries. Lack of exercise is pre-programmed, but a mod for Grand Theft Auto V might just grill the bacon away in the future!

Sport is not only tedious, but can also be extremely boring. TV series providers such as Netflix make long rides on exercise bikes more or less bearable with binge watching a particular highlight for many. Some people take the controller in their hands and gamble in front of the PC while cycling. VR sports games have established themselves as a very entertaining, extremely effective weapon in the fight against excess kilos or for building up fitness during these tough times. No VR headset, but still want to get cycling indoors? Then this combination of GTA 5, mod and an exercise bike could be the perfect thing for you!

Unfortunately, there are a few obstacles in the way of the plan to cruise through Los Santos by bike. After all, your exercise bike must somehow communicate with GTA 5 and send pedal movements to software for evaluation. The choice is still very limited, but they do already exist, with so called "smart bikes" having the appropriate technology for wireless communication with PC software. Among the intelligent trainer apps with various riding programs (and a large community) Zwift has made a name for itself. The GT Bike V Mod for GTA 5 relies on Zwift software to make it work for the Tour de Los Santos. To see what this looks like in action, check out the Chris Pritchard Cycling News channel with a one hour video to see the mod in action.

There is a permanent exchange between the GTA Mod, the exercise bike and the Zwift software when cycling. Not only is the speed measured, but even inclines in GTA 5 are registered by the software and more resistance (depending on the bike) when pedaling is to be expected. A ride in the mountains outside the city should therefore be an extremely demanding experience.

The cycling mod for GTA 5 has one disadvantage: Without a keyboard the in-game bike cannot be controlled, but Modder Makinolo has a solution for this problem as well. The "Course Reader" automatically guides you through Los Santos on previously defined routes (if the sometimes chaotic traffic doesn't upset your plans). You can give this a try today, which also includes optional VR support and gives players a chance to get fit from home!

Source: https://www.pcgamer.com/you-can-now-take-a-leisurely-ride-through-los-santos-with-this-gta-5-bike-controller-mod/

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