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January 04, 2018 – CraigBGP Team

Insurgency: Sandstorm Campaign cancelled, Alpgha Signups Open

Developer New World Interactive announces a shift in direction for their upcoming FPS Insurgency: Sandstorm, cancels Single Player campaign. Alpha Signups now available.

During E3 last year, developer New World Interactive released a trailer for their upcoming shooter sequel Insurgency: Sandstorm and promised a story campaign based on real events, which also included some co-op gameplay as soldiers worked together in Iraq. It was revealed the sequel would feature drivable light vehicles, character customization, unlockable cosmetic items, fire support requests, ranked matchmaking, and more. However due to a shift in direction, the team has decided to move away from the Campaign and instead focus on the Multiplayer modes.

Game Director Michael Tsarouhas had this to say regarding the Campaign being cancelled:

To start, the single player and cooperative story has been canceled for release, and will be considered again at a later date. This is due to its high production requirements and our commitment to deliver to our fans in 2018. The story was a very exciting and new opportunity for us as a team, but we felt we had to make a choice. At this moment it’s more important to us that we deliver a full multiplayer and coop experience that improves on Insurgency; one that is true to our style and what we feel we do best. We know to some of you this decision may be unexpected, and we’re sad to share this news, but this was a shift our team felt we needed to make.

You can get a look at the E3 Trailer below, for a glimpse at the story mode which may now never see the light of day.

It also means that the game has had to change the setting, as it focuses on fictional events rather than those inspired by real events. The previous setting for the game was proving too restrictive and by switching gears it offers more freedom to the developer as they can move to other regions and not be tied down by specific locations. Instead the team is looking to preserve the hardcore multiplayer action, which can be expanded upon later with community modding, character customisation and post-release content. Read more about their plans in their blog post.

The Alpha Signups have started!

It's not all bad news though, as the Alpha Signups for Insurgency: Sandstorm have started and will give players a chance to experience the first person squad multiplayer action for themselves later this year. Multiplayer will include a number of game modes such as: Push, Firefight, and Capture the Base for Versus, and Checkpoint, Operation, and Outpost for Coop players. The gmae will also supported ranked Multiplayer, for those looking to climb the ladder and gain bragging rights among the community. If you want to try out the game then you can signup on the Official Page for a chance to take part when the Alpha opens up.

Source: http://newworldinteractive.com/insurgency-sandstorm-2018-update/

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