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Last Train Home

Embark on a desperate mission through the depths of a war-torn wasteland. Your goal is to guide Czechoslovak soldiers back home onboard an armored train, but the path ahead is fraught with peril.

Windows PC  Strategy
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September 27, 2023 – CraigBGP Team

Last Train Home: Trailer shows challenging journey through the Siberian landscape

The developers of Last Train Home dare to take on a hitherto unused setting in the First World War and embed challenging survival game elements for tacticians in it.

In the upcoming survival strategy game Last Train Home, developed by Ashborne Games and distributed by THQ Nordic, you are travelling by train in the cold steppes of Siberia during the First World War. There is no fixed release date yet, but what is shown in advance makes you curious. Amidst the chaos of a civil war between Russia's Red and White armies, you navigate your Czechoslovak Legion platoon through dangerous areas to help them escape. Gather vital resources and establish routes as safely as possible without enemies cutting you up and stopping the train. The new trailer, "Siberian Journey", gives a rough demonstration of what the gameplay will look like in Last Train Home.

Last Train Home Features

  • Fight with brains: Deploy the squad in real-time missions to complete various objectives. Use special combat skills, plan ahead and strategise to ensure victory.
  • Equip your soldiers: Level up your soldiers, unlock skills and collect equipment - discover their stories, award medals and new ranks.
  • Manage the squad: Distribute the tasks in the platoon. Make items, tend to the wounded and keep morale high on the arduous journey home.
  • Improve the train: Use the full potential of your train by upgrading wagons and railcars, but don't neglect regular maintenance.
  • Travel through Siberia: Collect and trade supplies, form alliances and master the many crises as civil war rages around you on the cold steppes of Siberia.
  • Based on historical events: The Last Train Home is based on the experiences of the Czechoslovak Legions and their brave fight for the Entente powers in the First World War.
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