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March 17, 2016 – CraigBGP Team

LEGO Marvel's Avengers Season Pass Detailed!

LEGO Marvel's Avengers fans, the day is upon us. Details of the Season Pass have been revealed and it's set to include 60 characters and 5 levels.

On March 29th you'll be able to pickup the Classic Captain Marvel and Classic The Masters of Evil packs, which together contain 19 new characters and a level apiece.

Later in the spring you'll be able to get the Classic Black Panther and All-New, All-Different Doctor Strange packs. These contain 17 characters and a level each.

Finally you'll be able to grab the last DLC pack which is themed around the Marvel's Agents of SHIELD TV show, which has another new level and 13 more characters.

Each pack is set to cost £2.50 or you can get the entire season pass for £7.99, LEGO Marvel's Avengers is now available on PC and virtually every other platform on the planet.

Packs for every season!

After spending quite a bit of time with LEGO Marvel's Avengers I am excited to be seeing some of these but I assumed there would be a Marvel's Agent Carter pack coming, perhaps later or free? Either way there is plenty of meat to get in with 5 levels and 60 characters that's sure to keep fans happy for a good length. My only concern was the length of the LEGO Batman 3 DLC packs and I hope they aren't as short as that, not long to wait now as the first one is out later this month.

You can grab LEGO Marvel's Avengers for 20% off right now and save 15% off the Season Pass.

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