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November 13, 2018 – CraigBGP Team

Monster Hunter: World - Lunastra coming to the game on November 22nd

Capcom prepares another big update for the PC version of the open world action game Monster Hunter: World which arrives November 22nd. Includes an Elder Dragon, New Armour sets and more!

Another massive beast is heading to the PC version of Monster Hunter: World later this month when Lunastra, the Empress of Flame lands on November 22nd. The powerful Elder Dragon is finally making her appearance on the PC version, which previously came to consoles earlier this year. By taking on the Dragon in the game you'll be able to get your hands on materials that can be used to craft some unique armour sets including the cute Pailco set. Expect a number of other bug fixes to also arrive when the patch goes live.

Lunastra Armor Sets

Hunter Armor: Empress Set α

Hunter Armor: Empress Set β

Palico Armor: Eliza set α

New Features and Bugfixes

Capcom is hard at work trying to get the connection problems under control, and hope to elimate them completely on November 22nd. Though they say that it may be possible to resolve the issues prior to the update. You can get an idea of what is coming to the game with the patch notes below:

Major New Content:

  • Lunastra, a rare female Elder Dragon that litters the air with hot blue dust, arrives on Steam! There are reports of her traveling with her mate, Teostra. Her materials can be used to create new weapons, a unique armor set, and Palico armor. After completing the game (at HR 16 or higher), talk to the Huntsman in Astera to start the Event.
  • A new specialized tool will be added: the Temporal Mantle. This garment nullifies damage from powerful attacks by automatically evading.

Major Additions and Changes:

  • "DOF (Depth of Field)" will be added to the Advanced Graphics Settings. This feature allows you to enable/disable the functionality to adjust focus by changing the camera distance.
  • "Vignette Effects" will be added to the Advanced Graphics Settings. This feature allows you to enable/disable shading of screen edges by adjusting the brightness between the center and peripheral areas.
  • A preset function will be added to the Keyboard Settings, allowing you to save changes you made to the key configuration.
  • On top of the regular "Default" Keyboard Settings, a "Default 2" option will be added for 5-button mouse controls.
  • Various other additions and changes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for a bug where the custom radial menu stops working on keyboards after setting WASD keys for menu item selection under Keyboard Settings.

If the connection issues can be resolved before the title update, a patch may be released beforehand. A separate notification will be issued along with the patch to announce the fixes.

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