April 12, 2021 – CraigBGP Team

ROG Game Deals: PC games at exclusive prices on Gamesplanet

Thanks to the partnership of ASUS ROG and Gamesplanet, you can save an additional 5% when buying PC games: Simply register an ASUS or ROG product on your ASUS account and then link it to your Gamesplanet account.

How to take advantage of the lower ROG prices on Gamesplanet.com

First, register an ASUS or ROG product in your ASUS account to qualify for the special discount. Don't have an ASUS account yet? Create one first and then register a purchased ASUS product.

Create an ASUS account Register an ASUS product

Connecting ASUS and Gamesplanet accounts.

  1. Create a Gamesplanet account on Gamesplanet.com by clicking on the "Republic of Gamers" logo in the Gamesplanet login window or
  2. Log in to your existing Gamesplanet account and click the "Connect" link next to the "ASUS Republic of Gamers" entry in your account overview under the "Social Media Logins" tab to link your Gamesplanet account to ASUS.

After linking your ROG account, add a game to your cart and the price will automatically be reduced to the ROG VIP price.

Here's how to find discounted games in the ASUS ROG Armoury Crate.

  1. Install ASUS' Windows app Armoury Crate and sign in with your ASUS account by clicking the User Center link in the bottom left corner.
  2. In the Armoury Crate app, click "Recommended" (label icon) on the left. Games you add to your cart via the Armoury Crate will automatically be reduced in price if you have previously registered an ASUS or ROG product.

Learn more about ROG Game Deals

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