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No Man's Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe.

Windows PC  Adventure / Simulation / Virtual Reality
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August 11, 2017 – CraigBGP Team

No Man's Sky 1.3 Update takes players even further with 30 hours of story, and limited co-op functionality

Developer Hello Games boldly goes where no one has gone before in a brand new update for their Sci-Fi exploration game No Man's Sky, featuring over 30 hours of new story content and more.

After releasing to mixed reviews last year, developer Hello Games has had a tough battle ahead with it's Sci-Fi exploration game No Man's Sky, but they haven't given up yet. Their latest 1.3 update arrives today and it's a hefty update, featuring over 30 hours of brand new story content, a limited multiplayer mode which has floating orbs in place of players and more.

Joint Explorations will allow players to see one another in the galaxy, though this is a limited function and only 16 players will be able to see each other as glowing orbs. You're also able to communicate via VOIP when close enough to another floating orb.

Hello Games mentioned that they are working on expanding it further later down the line, but this is the first stepping stone towards that goal.

"While interaction with others is currently very limited, this is an important first step into the world of synchronous co-op in No Man's Sky,"

The story will also offer up something new, with 30 hours of fresh story content that has a new quest system and adds a brand new alien race which we have yet to discover.

Our story brings a new context, quest system and branching narrative to No Man's Sky. It comprises 30 hours of new story content and double the lore and interactions of the existing game. Discover the truth behind the Abandoned Building logs, the World of Glass, the Sentinels, the Redemption of the Gek, and the meaning of sixteen...

Elsewhere players can expect a number of other features, such as being able to loot a gigantic freighter in space, editing terrain and at last you'll be able to summon your own ship!

Watch the video for more info on the update, or take a look at some of the patch highlights below.

Patch Notes


  • Increased variety in weather, planet and structure names
  • More base building parts have unique names
  • Prevented trees spawning on sheer cliffs
  • Improved object placement on slopes
  • Improved grass placement and density
  • Changed the default starting ship model
  • Regenerated galaxy to remove differences between survival, normal and creative game modes
  • Improved building distribution
  • Increased distribution of heridium deposits
  • Improved generation of beaches along shorelines
  • Repositioned player bases to accommodate generation changes


  • Improved balance of hazards between planets
  • Improved settings for hazard damage and strength
  • Reduce cave hazard recharge times
  • Added Shielding Shard to the starting player inventory
  • Limited the depth at which buildings can spawn underwater


  • More tech available in tech shops
  • Balanced tech shop standing requirements
  • Standing lights have a proper name when you interact with them
  • Increased robustness of systems for locating buildings
  • Increased number and types of objects which can be scanned
  • Increased information available about scanned foliage and creatures
  • Improved planet resource lists

You can get a look at the full patch notes on the No Man's Sky website.

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