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One Piece Odyssey

A brand new RPG set in the world of the popular anime, ONE PIECE! Play as members of the Straw Hat Crew in a fantastic adventure set in the ONE PIECE world!

Windows PC  RPG (Roleplay)
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March 30, 2022 – CraigBGP Team

The Straw Hat Gang returns with the Open-world RPG One Piece Odyssey for 2022!

Bandai Namco announces another One Piece adventure: One Piece Odyssey should be ready and available as a role-playing game as early as 2022. Watch the first trailer here.

For 25 years now, the manga series One Piece has been keeping its head above water. But for the upcoming (J)RPG One Piece Odyssey from Bandai Namco, the Straw Hat Gang is going overboard: the pirates are shipwrecked! Good for us, because that means we get to join Monkey D. Luffy and his gang on a new adventure soon as One Piece Odyssey is scheduled for release in 2022.

A mysterious world opens up before the Straw Hat Gang, which is naturally directly obsessed with extracting its secrets and treasures from the open-world areas. But first, the pirates must come together - after the shipwreck, the Straw Hatters are scattered all over the island.

Fans of the manga don't have to worry about One Piece Odyssey being out of line. After all, we not only have the typical crew members and popular characters from One Piece in the game, but also renowned authors responsible for the turbulent role-playing game. Story, character and monster designs are by One Piece author Eiichiro Oda, and Motoi Sakuraba (Dark Souls, Tales of) is responsible for the music.

Key features

Luffy decides to scout the island to meet up with his scattered crew members. They come across various mysterious ruins and never-before-seen monsters.

Although excited to scout the island together, things soon take an unexpected turn. Discover and experience an original storyline!

Defeat new enemies, unravel mysteries, and unearth a whole adventure with your favorite Straw Hats!

In addition to Luffy, you can play as Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Frankie, and Brook!

Experience quests and dungeons all with an authentic ONE PIECE twist.

Enjoy what you love about RPGs but with your favorite characters and an original touch from the ONE PIECE universe.

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