A deadly virus engulfs the residents of Raccoon City in September of 1998, plunging the city into chaos as flesh eating zombies roam the streets for survivors.

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September 20, 2018 – CraigBGP Team

Resident Evil 2 - Tokyo Game Show 2018 Story Trailer

Survival Horror returns early next year when the highly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 2 launches on January 25th 2019. RE2 is considered by many as one of the best in the series, and for the remake Capcom are set to deliver one of the most impressive versions of the game to date. The game will tell the story of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who are thrown into the chaos of the outbreak in Racoon City and must discover a way to escape the city while solving the mystery of what happened. Both Claire and Leon will have their own unique stories to tell with each getting a lengthy campaign to sink players teeth into.

While you wait you can take a look at a brand new story trailer from TGS 2018, which gives us a glimpse at Ada Wong - who some may have seen in Resident Evil 4. But is she a friend or a foe?

Resident Evil 2 launches on January 25th 2019, and you can pre-order either the Standard or Deluxe Edition to save up to 11% off and get bonuses!

Deluxe Edition Content

In addition to the game key, customers who purchase the Deluxe Edition will also get the following bonuses for free. These include bonus costumes for Leon and Claire, well as the Samurai Edge Deluxe Weapon Model and Original version Soundtrack Swap.

  • Leon Costume: "Arklay Sheriff"
  • Leon Costume: "Noir"
  • Claire Costume: "Military"
  • Claire Costume: "Noir"
  • Claire Costume: "Elza Walker"
  • Deluxe Weapon: "Samurai Edge - Albert Model"
  • "Original Ver." Soundtrack Swap
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