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Scout, loot, and get out in Spirited Thief, a tactical turn-based stealth game with a twist. Search ahead as spirit, Trin, and grab the goods as thief, Elaj. Just make sure you have the loot before the guards come looking!

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September 20, 2023 – CraigBGP Team

The intriguing world of "Spirited Thief" opens its doors with its Launch trailer

It all starts with a burglary gone wrong, a thief who loses his magic but gains an accomplice, Trin, a spirit. This unlikely team is not looked on favourably by the thieves' guild, who dismiss them without warning. Their paths are bound to cross...

Spirited Thief, published by Ishtar Games and developed by Koi Snowman Games, is a turn-based tactical infiltration game. You play as Elaj, a gifted thief accompanied by Trin, an immaterial spirit.

You'll experience two complementary facets: stealthy exploration with Trin, discovering secret passages and treasures, and the art of thievery as Elaj. The turn-based gameplay requires cunning and planning to outwit the guards and escape with the loot. With the option of hiring extras for tricky jobs, upgradeable skills and the freedom to choose your approach, Spirited Thief combines infiltration, mystery and magic.

It's up to you to shed light on the suspicious link between the Guild and the Mages! The first step is to order your key from Gamesplanet. As a bonus, you'll receive a 15% discount during the launch week.

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