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November 24, 2017 – CraigBGP Team

Players find ways to Farm Credits in Star Wars Battlefront 2 without playing

EA has disabled the microtransaction system in Star Wars Battlefront 2 while they update it. Players are now creating "AFK Robots" to earn them credits by idling in matches.

Having people AFK in games is nothing new, and while some games implement systems to detect this and remove them from the game there are a number of people that find ways to bypass this. Recently EA removed their micro-transactions from Star Wars Battlefront 2 as the "paid" crystals were the cause of concern among the community, though credits still remain and are the only source of gaining new loot boxes/star cards for now. Some players have designed ingenious devices that have allowed them to earn credits while doing nothing to prevent the "auto-kick system" from happening.

Let the controllers do all the work

Reddit user Lowberg has managed to create a device that can simulate movement, and even press buttons to create the illusion of playing the game. As such it means Lowberg can sit back and let the "robot" do all the work for him while he earns credits.

This crazy device will occasionally move the character and prevents the Star Wars Battlefront 2 auto-kick system from triggering. Even though you're only getting a small amount by taking part in a multiplayer game, it will eventually add up should the player be doing it long enough.

Another player has used the good old fashioned rubber hands method. Reddit user F0ngen ties bands around each thumb-stick to make it appear as though buttons are being pressed, thus bypassing the idle checks and earning "free" credits.

While we've seen this type of thing before, it's amazing at the lengths gamers will go to spend less time grinding types of currency. Hopefully players will not have to rely on this type of method to farm credits, and EA/DICE can find a better solution to slow progression currently in the game. Farmers can ruin the game for others as it gives an unfair advantage to those who prefer to play the game normally.

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