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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition includes everything from the original release of Street Fighter V, along with the addition of brand new gameplay-related content including Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode, Gallery, New V-Triggers, a completely redesigned User Interface and more.

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April 17, 2018 – CraigBGP Team

Street Fighter V: Falke joins the roster on April 24th

A new fighter is getting ready to fight next week as Falke arrives on April 24th to Street Fighter V. She is a character with German descent and is also considered an alternative clone of M. Bison, with the ability to use her Psycho Power to charge objects and unleash them on foes. We've known about Falke for a while and she's the third character to join the roster for Season 3, with Blanka and Sakura previously launching earlier this year.

She'll come with a few powerful moves that make her a formidable opponent to face off against in a fight. One of her abilities will allow her to channel a powerful attack using her staff as a shotgun, while another allows Falke to shoot a projectile towards an enemy from the air. Take a look at some of her moves below:

  • Standing (Psycho Kugel) – Falke releases the Psycho Power through her staff like a shotgun
  • Air (Psycho Feder) – Falke shoots a projectile at a diagonal angle downwards from the air
  • Crouching (Psycho Kanonen) – Falke lays on the ground and shoots a projectile at the opponent’s feet. She can avoid projectiles while using Psycho Kanonen.

Falke arrives in the game next week when she launches on April 24th. Plus we've still got more characters to look forward to as Cody, G and Sagat arrive later this year, as part of Season 3.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBzUChPwD7c

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