Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator Steam Key

Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator

Climb into the driver's seat of your car and your business, transport passengers across Barcelona and grow your company! Can you help relieve the transportation challenges of a city that never sleeps?

Windows PC  Simulation
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February 27, 2024 – CraigBGP Team

Become a Taxi driver in Barcelona with Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator - Out March 7th

Annoying passengers, changeable weather, accidents: The life of a taxi driver in a major Spanish city is exhausting, but also enjoyable. If Taxi Life is anything like the new trailer for the simulation.

For Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator, which will be released by publisher Nacon on March 7th 2024, the Simteract development team has reproduced parts of Barcelona's transport network with a 1:1 to scale. 460 kilometres of road for you - and your passengers, who don't always let every driving mistake pass. Some want to get to their destination quickly, while other, more anxious guests don't like it at all when you have your foot on the accelerator. Remember: Satisfied passengers usually give you more money. You'll need that too, because in Taxi Life you're not just the owner and driver of a taxi, but also the operator of a complex transport company that you want to expand.

In the new "Management Trailer" for Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator, Diego guides you through the game in almost three minutes.
This doesn't cover all facets of Taxi Life, but at least you'll have a rough idea of what your job will involve. It's not just about customer satisfaction: expand your vehicle fleet, upgrade and customise your vehicles with tuning parts to meet the demands of Barcelona's streets. For example, you can modify the acceleration behaviour, braking performance, manoeuvrability and slip control.

Taxi Life not only offers a contemporary look with more than 200 of Barcelona's most famous landmarks, historic buildings, parks and sculptures. The simulation also aims to depict the range of tasks of a taxi driver as realistically as possible. For example, you have to refuel at petrol pumps, communicate with passengers and accept special orders, monitor the company's finances and interact with colleagues. Keep your vehicles clean and always set your indicators correctly - otherwise not only your guests might end up angry, but also the police.

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