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Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is an online action-shooter RPG experience, where exploration and player progression are essential.

Windows PC  Action / RPG (Roleplay)
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January 18, 2019 – RafalMGP Team

The Division 2 - Ultimate, Gold, Standard version comparison

The Division 2 comes with three different version and all differ in content. What do they include and which one to choose? We've prepared a detailed version comparison for you to make your choice easier.

When it comes to MMO games it's usually better to choose editions with various bonus contents and/or a Season Pass, because those who buy complete packages in advance usually save money in the end. The upcoming MMO shooter - The Division 2 will be similar and we suspect that the Ultimate Edition will be the most popular. So the best choice for an unrestricted gaming experience in The Division 2 is also the Ultimate Edition, which includes the Year 1 Pass and other benefits such as 7 days of early access to the Year 1 episodes, additional activities, and exclusive customization items. Our Edition Comparison (also called Version Comparison) shows you what's in the Standard, Gold, and Ultimate editions.

By the way: For every pre-order, no matter which edition you choose, we'll reserve you a place in the Private Beta and the Capitol Defender Package will be added as a bonus. To get details on these bonuses we've prepared a short guide.

The Division 2 Standard Edition Gold Edition Ultimate Edition
Base game (Ubisoft Connect)
3 Days early-access before release
Private Beta access Pre-order Pre-order Pre-order
The Capitol Defender Pack Pre-order Pre-order Pre-order
Year 1 Pass (incl. 7 days Early-Access*)
The First Responder Pack
The Battleworn Secret Service Pack
The Elite Agent Pack

*7 days Early-Access is valid for contents of the Year 1 Pass

Bonus content of Gold Edition

The Gold Edition includes:

  • The Tom Clancy's - The Division® 2 Game with exclusive Key art.
  • The Year 1 Pass that includes a 7-day Early Access to all Year 1 Episodes, exclusive customization items, additional activities and more to be shared soon.

Bonus content of Ultimate Edition

Ultimate edition includes:

  • The Year 1 Pass that includes a 7-day Early Access to all Year 1 Episodes, exclusive customization items, additional activities and more to be shared soon.
  • The exclusive Elite Agent Pack: fight with “Ruthless” a devastating legendary AK-47 which comes with its end-game blueprint. This pack also includes Additional stash space for your journey and a unique skill visual to show your domination on the battlefield.
  • The Battleworn Secret Service Pack: don't get caught, be sneaky and collect information to defeat DC's enemies with your secret service outfit, an exotic M4A1 weapon skin and a rare emote.
  • The First Responder Pack: be the first to answer your allies' call and fight without restraint to rescue the citizens of Washington, D.C. with a rare weapon skin for your shotgun and your brand new firefighter outfit.

Pre-order bonuses

If you order The Division 2 from Gamesplanet before its release on March 15, 2019, your pre-order will reserve you a seat in the Private Beta and you'll get the Capitol Defender Package as a bonus. You will also be able to invite three friends to the beta with your secure beta access. For more information on pre-order bonuses, see The Division 2: Pre-order Bonuses Guide.

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