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Total War: PHARAOH

In Total War: PHARAOH, the newest entry in the award-winning grand strategy series, immerse yourself in ancient Egypt at the zenith of its power and experience the dramatic events that threaten its destruction.

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September 25, 2023 – CraigBGP Team

Play Total War: Pharaoh in Early Access from Sept 29th / Steam keys Out Now

If you pre-order Creative Assembly's Total War: Pharaoh at Gamesplanet, you can activate your Steam key directly and be prepared for the Early Access phase from September 29th to October 2nd. Find out here what is important in Early Access.

Ancient Egypt invites you to the Open Tomb Weekend from September 29th to October 2nd. In this Early Access phase, time travellers have time to try out various functions of Total War: Pharaoh before the sequel in the award-winning strategy game series is finally released by our partner SEGA on 11th October 2023. The pre-order on Gamesplanet is not only worthwhile because of the advance access - we will deliver Total War: Pharaoh together with the cosmetic package "Avatar of the Gods" which includes: eight unique skins for each of the playable faction leaders. The "Heart of the Shardan" cosmetic pack, which contains special Shard clothing for bodyguard units. This content will be available at the release of Total War: Pharaoh.

What you can do during the Early Access phase

  • Play up to 60 rounds, which you can play as often as you like
  • Two playable factions: Ramses (Egyptians) and Irsu (Canaanites)
  • two (of a total of four) ancient Egyptian legacies: Cheops and Akhenaten
  • two ancient Hittite legacies: Tudhaliya and Muwatali
  • full access to all combat mechanics, the entire campaign map and the photo mode
  • royal Egyptian and Hittite traditions
  • customised battles

Important Note: Online multiplayer will not be available during Early Access.
Score files cannot be transferred to the full version of Total War: Pharaoh.

Early Access Total War: Pharaoh - Start and times

If you buy Total War: Pharaoh as a Steam key on Gamesplanet, you will receive it immediately and can redeem it without any detours. A key that unlocks the pre-order access and also the pre-order bonuses.

Restart Steam completely after redeeming the key and after the start of Early Access to ensure access to Total War: Pharaoh from Friday, 29 September at 1pm BST and you can play until October 2nd (same time). Don't be sad, because after that there are only a few days left until the release.

For the installation you need at least 50 GB of free space on your data carrier (which hopefully is not a stone tablet).

Total War: Pharaoh's full version will be playable from October 11th and anyone who pre-orders will get the bonus The Avatar of the Gods and Heart of the Shardan cosmetic packs.

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