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Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

The definitive edition of the best-selling strategy game Total War™: ROME II, the Emperor Edition contains everything the original ROME II did, plus much, much more.

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November 08, 2017 – CraigBGP Team

Total War: ROME II is getting a new expansion and free update on November 30th

Developer Creative Assembly are launching a brand new expansion for the 4 year old Total War: ROME II with the Empire Divided DLC coming on November 30th.

The team at Creative Assembly are a busy bunch recently, not only did they just launch a free update for Total War: WARHAMMER 2 but now they are set to release a brand new free update for Total War: ROME II as well as a massive DLC expansion that adds in a number of features to the game including new classes, more factions, new period specific events and more. Launching on November 30th is the Total War: ROME II – Empire Divided takes place in 270 AD, where the Roman Empire is on the brink of collapse. They must set out to the East and launch an assault to prevent their Empire from crumbling, or you can fight against the Romans and ensure their downfall.

Here's a look at some of the features coming to the DLC later this month:

Total War: ROME II – Empire Divided Features

  • A new grand-scale Campaign Pack for Total War: ROME II
  • Plunges players into the crisis of the third century, a critical turning-point for Rome
  • Play as one of ten different factions across five cultural groups
  • New Heroic Factions with elaborate victory conditions, famous leaders and crafted event-chains
  • New period-specific events, dilemmas and missions
  • New Campaign features: Plagues, Cults and Banditry
  • Restructured technologies and unique new buildings

Additionally it's been revealed that players can also look forward to an upcoming Free piece of content with the Power & Politics Update coming on November 30th alongside the DLC. The Power & Politics Update will overhaul many of the politics systems in the game and add a number of new choices for your campaign to give players a greater meaning when dealing with the various types of government. Players can earn influence and political support for their party by completing missions and winning battles in the world.

All copies of Total War: ROME II will get this update and will be a crucial part of the upcoming Total War: ROME II – Empire Divided DLC.

Total War: ROME II – Empire Divided and the Power & Politics Update launch on November 30th, but if you want to try the Power & Politics Update for yourself then you can opt into the beta on Steam:

  • Open Steam and select Total War: Rome II in your library
  • Right click Rome II and select properties
  • Open the ‘Betas’ tab
  • In the drop down menu, select the ‘power_and_politics’ option
  • Steam will download your update and the name of Total War: ROME II on your Steam library will end with [power_and_politics]
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