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The cataclysmic conclusion to the Total War: WARHAMMER trilogy is coming. Rally your forces and step into the Realm of Chaos, a dimension of mind-bending horror where the very fate of the world will be decided. Will you conquer your Daemons… or command them?

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April 09, 2024 – CraigBGP Team

Check out the first Total War Warhammer 3 - Thrones of Decay DLC Trailer and details!

Creative Assembly and SEGA have announced the new content for Total War Warhammer 3 with an official trailer. "Thrones of Decay" is still coming in Spring 2024.

"Coming soon" is the announcement of Total War Warhammer 3 - Thrones of Decay, the new expansion pack for Creative Assembly's award-winning strategy game. And by "coming soon", publisher SEGA means Spring 2024, so it won't be long before the new content for Dwarves, Nurgle and the Empire hits your Total War Warhammer 3.

Creative Assembly is also promising legendary commanders, units and campaign features with the DLC pack. Nobody should go away empty-handed: If you only own the main game, you can look forward to a big update even without the Thrones of Decay pack. This is because publisher SEGA will roll out patch 5.0 with the release of Thrones of Decay - with many game optimisations and a variety of free content, as stated in the press release. Expect to see a new legendary commander, a hero unit and a new campaign feature (Nemesis Crown). In addition, the campaigns for Dwarves, Nurgle and the Empire will also be revised.

The new content from TW3 - Thrones of Decay (according to the press release)

The dark lady of Nuln, Elspeth of Draken, is one of the most powerful amethyst sorceresses of the age. It is said that she is so imbued with magical power that she stands on the threshold between life and death.

Campaign Features:
⦁ Imperial Artillery School: As the armoury of the Empire, Whisenland and Nuln offer special unit upgrades and powerful abilities in exchange for blueprints earned from the damage these units inflict on the battlefield.

⦁ Gardens of Morr: As a vigilant protector of the Imperium, Elspeth builds these sacred sites in limited numbers in overtly allied or neutral Imperium settlements, allowing instant travel to these locations - but for a fee and with a cool-down period.

Combat Style:
⦁ Riding her mighty crimson dragon, Elspeth is deadly in every way. She manipulates the battlefield from afar with her innate magical abilities of the Lore of Death, before charging the enemy ranks with her dragon and her two-handed Pale Scythe.

New units:
⦁ The Empire's ranks are bolstered by a variety of units, including the Marienburg Landship, the Steam Armoured Volley Cannon, the Iron Men of Nuln, the Highland Long Rifles, the Knights of the Black Rose, the Master Technician (Commander), Technician (Hero) and the indomitable Theodore Bruckner (Legendary Hero).

⦁ Tamurkhan is a sentient maggot in the putrid, bloated corpse of a mighty ogre tyrant and one of Nurgle's greatest champions. He has but one goal: to spread death and disease in the name of the Lord of Pestilence.

Campaign Features:
⦁ Tamurkhan's Chieftains: Tamurkhan must assemble an unstoppable warhost that will plunge the world into ruin. So he embarks on a deadly journey to subjugate and recruit powerful warlords from the Chaos and Norscan tribes to increase his faction's power.

Combat Style:
⦁ Tamurkhan is an armoured warrior who is deadly in battle. He lays siege to the battlefield on his mighty toad dragon, wielding a massive two-headed axe. His Feast of the Maggot Lord ability triggers on death and drains life from the enemy to keep them in the thick of battle a little longer.

New units:
⦁ Nurgle's bloated ranks are bursting with power with the addition of units such as Kayzk the Defiled (Legendary Hero), the Chaos of Nurgle Warlord (Commander), the Chaos of Nurgle Sorcerer (Hero), Plague Ogres, Knights of Rot, Toad Dragons, Pestigor and Gall Trolls.

A defiant mix of brains and brawn, Malakai Makaisson was once a member of the legendary Machinist's Guild before a misfortune led to his expulsion.Eternally ashamed, he took the Slayer's Oath with the sole purpose of finding redemption through a dignified and bloody death.

Campaign Features:
⦁ Spirit Grungnis: The armies of Malakai Makaisson march beneath the flying machine known as Spirit Grungnis, a legendary airship that the Slayer Machinist can upgrade en route to increase its combat capabilities and summon it into battle itself.

⦁ Malakai's Adventure: In search of the glorious end that all Slayers crave, Malakai Makaisson uses his deadly feats to test and hone his latest technological innovations in the most dangerous battles he can instigate.

Fighting Style:
⦁ Malakai serves the Dwarves primarily as a ranged commander, throwing ash shard bombs at enemies, riddling them with his shotgun and, if one gets too close, hitting them in the face with a giant spanner.

New units:
⦁ High engineering skills meet bearded courage.

The Dwarven ranks are bolstered by Garagrim Ironfist (Legendary Hero), Demon Slayer (Commander), Dragon Slayer (Hero), Deathseeker, Goblin Reaper, Thunderbark, Grollharker Musketmen and Slayer Pirates.

Thrones of Decay is releasing Patch 5.0, which includes a variety of free content as well as significant improvements and bug fixes. This includes a yet-to-be-revealed Legendary Commander, a Hero unit, a new campaign feature in the form of the Nemesis Crown, and campaign reworks for the Empire, Dwarves and Nurgle.

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