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X4: Foundations Steam Key

X4: Foundations

X4 will allow you to fly all ships personally. From small scouts over a wide range of ship classes up to the biggest carrier, everything can be piloted from the cockpit or an external view.

Windows PCLinux  Simulation / Strategy
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v,kingz 1 0

can we get a refund on the game, if we did enable it however did not the play the game whatsoever, like for example i did not have enough storage in my pc to download the game and therefore i would like to request a refund

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CraigBGP Team 1 0

Sorry we cannot offer a refund for a lack of hard drive space.

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chrisvGP Team 1 0

Hey there – We don't offer refunds such as Steam is doing. In fact, no retailer is doing that. The main reason for it is that as a retailer, we have no control over the accessibility of games in your Library (be it Steam, Uplay or else). That's a platform only feature. Sorry.


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