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The Falconeer - The Hunter

Take to the skies aboard a feathered serpent and unleash fiery vengeance from above with The Hunter content pack. Includes a new ‘Mongres Hunter’ player Class, with a flyable Ormir dragon, an exclu...

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / RPG (Roleplay)

The Falconeer

The Falconeer is an open-world air combat game, featuring frenetic aerial dogfights and deep exploration of the mysterious open-world of The Great Ursee.

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / RPG (Roleplay)
$29.99 -43% $16.99

Those Who Remain

Confront the uncomfortable horrors reflected by the darkness and survive the night of Dormont as Edward is confronted with a test of his sanity, morality and the shadows of evil that lurks below.

Windows PCApple Mac  Adventure / Arcade & Indie
$19.99 -10% $17.99

Close to the Sun

Deep in international waters, Tesla’s Helios stands still. An unbound utopia for scientific research, Rose Archer steps aboard in search of her sister, quickly to discover not all is as it seems. A...

Windows PC  Adventure / Arcade & Indie
$19.99 -61% $7.77

AVICII Invector

Soar through vocal melodies, sweep each fade and attack every beat in 25 of AVICII’s biggest hits, in this enthralling futuristic rhythm-action experience – AVICII Invector.

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie
$19.99 -57% $8.50

Fractured Minds

Fractured Minds is an immersive artistic short game, exploring anxiety and mental health issues. Embark on a journey through the human psyche to experience the everyday challenges associated with t...

Windows PCApple Mac  Adventure / Arcade & Indie
$1.99 -25% $1.50

Deliver Us The Moon

Deliver Us The Moon is a Sci-Fi thriller set in an apocalyptic near future where Earth's natural resources are depleted. In an effort to solve the energy crisis, global powers created the World Spa...

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / Adventure / Action
$24.99 -48% $12.99

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

Transform into the legendary Big Diesel and Shaqtus to swiftly dispatch your enemies en masse.

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie
$19.99 -82% $3.50

The Town of Light

The game, based on extensive research and inspired by real facts, is a first-person psychological story driven adventure game set in the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum. Based in Tuscany, Italy, the as...

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / Virtual Reality
$18.99 -11% $16.90

GRIP: Combat Racing

GRIP is a high octane, hardcore combat racer, packing ferocious speed and armed to the teeth with heavy weapons.

Windows PC  Action / Arcade & Indie / Sport / Virtual Reality
$29.99 -15% $25.49