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November 28, 2019 – Zinnwaldite Water

Cant log into EA, not recieving security code

So I'm trying to log into EA to activate this game but then a security code screen pops up and I never recieve a code. I've resent it several times but I never recieve a code in my email.

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Demagnetizable Peace 1 0

Also having the same issue. Were you able to solve this, did you have to contact EA?

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CraigBGP Team 1 0

Hey, if you have 2FA issues you should reach out to EA. If you're having another issue please make sure your browser isn't blocking anything (like popups). I would recommend trying another browser or making sure you don't have any adblocks causing issues.

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CraigBGP Team 1 0

Hey, if you have problems logging into your EA account you'll have to reach out to EA themselves as we do not have access to your account.

You can also try logging into the EA Website with your account directly to redeem.

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Zinnwaldite Water 1 0

I can log in directly and did so to be sure it wasnt a server issue with them. reset my password and recieved a security code from them. Just not getting that code when I attempt it from this site. How do I redeem it the way you mentioned?

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CraigBGP Team 1 0 (Edited)
@Zinnwaldite Water


If you're still having issues you'll have to reach out to EA.

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