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September 22, 2016 - CraigBGP Team

No Man's Sky recreated in DOOM

When No Man's Sky came out last month quite a few people were disappointed about what we actually received (and for good reason), however that hasn't stopped talented groups of people modding the game to be more enjoyable, and we're even being given mods/spoofs for other games which have nothing to do with it. One such modder has managed to recreate No Man's Sky in the original DOOM engine, it features the ability to explore countless randomly generated worlds, fly with a jetpack, use a laser to mine and much, much more!

"I've not got around to playing No Man's Sky yet," says modder Robert Prest in a video showing his recreation of No Man's Sky in Doom, "but I've based it on what I saw in the trailer." In the mod, called No Guy's Sky, you can visit planets in a spaceship, mine resources, speak with aliens, and visit space stations stocked with vending machines. There's even a center of the universe, helpfully marked with a billboard reading "CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE."

As he mentioned he has yet to play the game so this is all based on trailer/video footage he has seen from the game, though playing the actual game may lead him to further disappointment if he actually did try it. He is also working on another mod for DOOM based on DayZ, which is (unsurprisingly) called DOOMZ.

All this was achieved in 3 days of work, which is crazy considering how playable it already looks. As yet there is no word on a release date but he's working on fixing a few textures first before releasing it upon the general public.

Source: http://www.pcgamer.com/modder-recreates-no-mans-sky-in-doom/

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