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In Jagged Alliance 3, select from a huge cast of mercenaries all with their own unique personalities, quirks, and backstories. Then go out and explore Grand Chien as you meet new people, earn money, grow your team, and ultimately make your own decisions that will decide the country’s fate.

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July 10, 2023 – CraigBGP Team

A bulging armoury: Jagged Alliance 3's arsenal of weapons shown in a new video!

In Jagged Alliance 3, the best tactics are nothing without weapons: That's why the developers are now presenting the tactical game's handsome arsenal of weapons in a separate video.

Weapons are the key to winning battles and in a new video simply called "Arsenal Trailer" the devs showcase the most diverse weapons from the tactics game Jagged Alliance 3, which is available later this week on July 14th 2023. Of course picking the right mercenaries for the job is crucial, but so is deciding the right weapon category for each mission target. For a sneak attack, for example, the early use of a rocket launcher or certain grenades is not recommended. Machine guns, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, explosives - in Jagged Alliance 3 you have a free choice. But always choose wisely.

What stands out positively in the video is that the firearms have different attachments, there are projectiles with different effects (such as bleeding or burns), weapon-specific fire modes, UV scopes and much more, which makes mission design extremely flexible. Don't even try to handle a bulky RPG-7 in tight spaces - it will backfire. If you shy away from direct confrontation, you can also plant explosives or lay mines and then lure enemies out of an object.

Jagged Alliance 3 with its turn-based, tactical battles will be released on July 14th 2023. Pre-order now at Gamesplanet and save 20%!

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