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Build defenses and battle against the Clockwork horde in the next generation remake of the critically acclaimed 2008 Nintendo DS title, Lock’s Quest!

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February 16, 2017 – CraigBGP Team

THQ Nordic Announces Lock's Quest for PC with a Trailer, coming April 2017!

THQ Nordic set to bring back Lock's Quest for PC, Xbox One and PS4 later this year in a new remastered version!

Lock's Quest is a game that originally made it's debut on Nintendo DS way back in 2008, it's a RTS title with some Tower Defense elements that was created by the guys over at 5th Cell (who have also worked on the Scribblenauts titles). Later this year the game will be making it's debut on PC and consolse was THQ Nordic has announced plans to bring back this "hidden gem" once more with updated visuals and features.

The new remastered version of Lock's Quest will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 in April 2017. It'll feature the same original graphics and identical gameplay, but it'll also bring with it updated features. The user interface and controls are adapted to the systems, the music is spiced up, and a new, action-based progress system is introduced into the new Lock's Quest.

Why Lock's Quest? And why only now?

THQ Nordic will be bringing back this class to allow more people to experience the title who may have previously missed out, they've been pleased with the original team's concept and had a chance to work closely with them developing this new version. The port of the game will be handled by Digital Continue who have always felt the game should be brought to a wider audience. “We had the great opportunity to work with people from the original development team of Lock’s Quest, and things clicked right off the bat”, comments Reinhard Pollice, Business and Product Development Director at THQ Nordic. “It is one of those hidden gems and a fan-favourite, so when things fell into place, we quickly decided to do this.”

Joseph M. Tringali, Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Continue, explains why they wanted to give a remaster to Lock's Quest:

I always felt Lock’s Quest deserved a multi-platform release, and it’s exciting to help that vision come to pass all these years later. The incredible pixel style translates well to console, and we were fortunate to include many high-resolution assets that weren’t in the original. It was great to work with a partner like THQ Nordic, who understands and respects the creative process, and was dedicated to both preserving and enhancing this fan favorite.”

Lock's Quest Features

  • Place Kingdom Force units to defend your capitol in a brand new Endless Mode - Antonia Defense!
  • Build up your fortifications each day to defend against a timed Clockwork assault. Use dozens of Turrets, Traps and Helpers to stop the advance.
  • Adapt your building and battling strategies as you access new materials and as your enemy’s intelligence evolves
  • Fight alongside your defenses, using context sensitive Special Attacks, and devastating Super Attacks, which impact a wide range of enemies.
  • Unlock the secrets of Kingdom Force and the Archineers via an engrossing story with a multi character cast, told via hand drawn cinematics and cutscenes.

Remastered Features:

  • New progression system automatically unlocks new turrets at specific story plot points
  • Brand new Antonia Defense Battles featuring a new map
  • All music remastered in high definition, with orchestrated introduction and ending
  • Player controls remapped for keyboard/mouse input
  • Revamped User Interface, customized for increased PC resolution, including all new GUI Art.
  • Character portraits refactored in High Resolution.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b6N1z1_RIs

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