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Manor Lords is a medieval strategy game featuring in-depth city building, large-scale tactical battles, and complex economic and social simulations. Rule your lands as a medieval lord -- the seasons pass, the weather changes, and cities rise and fall.

Windows PC  Strategy
April 22, 2024 – Wong SifuGP Team

Manor Lords - The hype is real

The most wishlisted game on Steam, Manor Lord from publisher Hooded Horse and Slavic Magic who started the project as a solo developer, passed huge milestone on the road toward its early access release next Friday with more than 2.5 millions wishlists, still counting.

In Manor Lord you build realistic towns that grow organically, create trade routes and supply lines, and engage in real-time battles involving soldiers, cavalry, fortifications, and siege engines in a medieval city builder with large-scale tactical battles. Manor Lords presents a vibrant and detailed world inspired by 14th-century medieval life where players will be tasked with growing a humble village into a powerful feudal city. The game mixes complex city-building systems and intricate production chains that feed into a real-time tactical combat layer where the workers are also the warriors.

Manor Lords will release into early access for PC on April 26 and will be available at a discounted price on Gamesplanet.

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