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Gamesplanet Advent Week 2 Sale Guide

Sit by the fire and crack open a chestnut as the Advent Week 2 brings even more festive deals . Once again we've teamed up with ASUS to bring you some festive Weekly Deals! Each week we'll have a new set of deals, our second Advent Week runs from December 2nd until December 9th at 00:59 PDT / 08:59 GMT / 09:59 CET so be sure to get a deal while you can. To help you get started we've put together a small guide for finding new titles to play!

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Let's take a look at some of the weekly deals from the Advent Week #2 games on offer - and remember you can find even more deals on the Advent Week 2 Promo Page:

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (FPS / Action / Co-op)

Set within the Warhammer Fantasy universe, Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide 2 is a co-operative FPS game set within the city of Ubersreik. Pick from one of 5 unique heroes - each with their own abilities and. You can also choose between 15 different careers, climb the talent trees, customize your arsenal to fit your unique playstyle, If you're looking for a co-op game to play with friends, or were a fan of the original then Vermintide 2 may be the game for you!

Fight with friends against deadly foes with Warhammer: Vermintide 2 for £5.09 / $6.72 this week! The game also is also rated "Mostly Positive" on Steam, with 75% of the 29,725 reviews rating the game positively.

DRAGON BALL FighterZ (Fighting / Anime)

Join Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and friends in the 3v3 brawler Dragon Ball FighterZ. Pick your set of 3 fighters and unleash powerful attacks, with an art style that closely resembles the anime show. Take on the story mode and uncover who the mysterious Android 21 is, or take the fight online with players around the world!

Powerup with DRAGON BALL FighterZ for £9.75 / $12.99 this week! The game also is also rated "Very Positive" on Steam, with 84% of the 11,987 reviews rating the game positively.

Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition (RPG / Open World / Action)

Explore a large open world set in a dystopian future, where scavengers and deadly foes lurk around the crumbling wastes of the city. Go on quests, meet colourful NPC's and level up to face off against even more challenging enemies. Grab the Ultimate Edition to get the game + all available DLC packs in one package!

Explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland with Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition for £4.50 / $5.99 this week! The game also is also rated "Overwhelmingly Positive" on Steam, with 95% of the 61,436 reviews rating the game positively.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (FPS / Multiplayer)

What can be said about one of the largest multiplayer FPS shooters of recent years? Rainbow Six Siege has grown over the years, and is a global success for a good reason. It provides a deep multiplayer experience, which requires teamwork as teams take turns of attacking and defending objectives by using various gadgets, weapons and operators to get the job done. If you're looking for a game to play with friends then Siege may be the game for you!

Put a stop to the terrorists and get Rainbow Six Siege for £6.37 / $7.50 this week! The game also is also rated "Very Positive" on Steam, with 85% of the 371,287 reviews rating the game positively.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (Action / Adventure / RPG)

Step into a large open world with Dragon's Dogma, an action RPG from Hideaki Itsuno, the creator behind some of the Devil May Cry games (including the most recent Devil May Cry 5). Embark on a journey with AI companions and explore a rich world filled with dynamic combat opportunities. The PC version also includes a range of content from all previously released DLC.

Go on an adventure with Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen for £4.79 / $5.99 this week! The game also is also rated "Very Positive" on Steam, with 88% of the 12,102 reviews rating the game positively.

Hidden Gem of the Week - Golf With Your Friends (Arcade / Multiplayer)

This weeks hidden gem is the fantastic multiplayer golfing game Golf With Your Friends. Play with up to 12 players on 7 levels and 18 holes, a total of 126 holes in total (at present based on Early access). The game features a robust level editor and gameplay modifiers that can make your golfing games even more enjoyable. The perfect game for seeing who the best golfer is!

Tee off and grab Golf With Your Friends for £3.11 / $3.89 this week! The game also is also rated "Very Positive" on Steam, with 90% of the 16,144 reviews rating the game positively.

Advent Week 2 Top 10 Deals

We've also put together a handy "Top 10 Deals" list which will give you even more choice and allow you to see some of our best deals for the week - though there still plenty of other weekly deals on offer so be sure to visit the promo page to get the full list.

Weekly Deals Type Discount US Price UK Price
A Plague Tale: Innocence Steam 43% $25.99 £22.99
DRAGON BALL FighterZ Steam 78% $12.99 £9.75
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Steam 80% $5.99 £4.79
Fallout 4 Steam 70% $8.50 £5.99
Farming Simulator 19 (Steam) Steam 27% $17.99 £15.99
FOR HONOR Uplay 70% $8.99 £7.79
Mortal Kombat 11 Steam 60% $23.99 £19.99
ReCore: Definitive Edition Steam 47% $10.70 £7.99
Shenmue I & II Steam 71% $8.56 £7.15
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Steam 79% $6.42 £5.09

Come back next week when we'll have even more fantastic offers up for grabs, Advent Week 2 deals end December 9th at 1am PDT / 9am GMT

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