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January 06, 2018 – CraigBGP Team

Undead Dragons come to The Elder Scrolls Online next month with the Dragon Bones DLC

Developer ZeniMax are set to launch their next major DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online next month, with the Dragon Bones DLC coming in February.

The New Year is here and the world of The Elder Scrolls Online is getting ready to take on a new threat, as Undead Dragons soar into the game next month. Update 17 will be a free update that all players can get, and brings with it a number of new additions such as gameplay improvements and more. Those looking for even more content can get their hands on the upcoming Dragon Bones DLC which brings new dungeons to the game and can be purchased in-game.

The Dragon Bones DLC will be free for all TESO Plus members, or can be purchased in-game for Crowns at the store. Players will be able to explore some brand new dungeons such as the Scalecaller Peak which takes players to the burial site of a Dragon Priest, or the ancient Dwarven Ruins known as Fang Lair. Both dungeons will offer a number of rewards for players who set foot in them, and if you're seeking a challenge you'll be able to try them out in either Normal or Veteran Modes - with the end bosses offering a Veteran Hard Mode.

There are also new items and mask sets, collectibles and achievements to acquire when the Dragon Bones DLC launches. Developer ZeniMax are set to release Update 17 for free to all TESO players, so there will be content available for everyone - even if you don't purchase the Dragon Bones DLC.

TESO Update 17 Features:

  • The Outfit System allows players to customize the look of their character, no matter what gear they have equipped.
  • Two new Battlegrounds: Mor Khazgur and Deeping Drome are the new PVP Maps that players will be able to fight in tense 4v4v4 battles on (ESO: Morrowind is required to play the maps).
  • Home Storage will give players a place to store those most treasured items in your home.
  • Additional Gameplay Features: The new Level Up system and Skills Advisor tool will help players as they level up by offering suggestions as you progress. Combat Improvements are also coming with the update to offer better synergy between the available skills.

You can learn even more about the upcoming Dragon Bones DLC over on the Official Site which includes a number of details about the content coming next month as part of Update 17.

Source: https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-gb/news/post/26281

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