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Decadent - Cover / Packshot
Decadent - Cover / Packshot
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Decadent is a story-driven first-person shooter that combines atmospheric exploration, Lovecraftian horror and expansive gameplay mechanics into an immersive experience - making the player feel a unique sense of loneliness in a dangerous land where time stands still.

You are John Lorn, a royal explorer and a veteran of the Great War, turned decadent occultist. As a result of a traumatic experience during one of your occult experiments, you become a host for a mysterious parasite. Traveling to the Arctic one last time, you follow the traces of a lost Miskatonic University expedition. As your courage and sanity are pushed to the limit, you must learn to walk the line between good and evil and discover just how much grief and suffering you are ready to cause to save someone you hold dear.


  • Visceral 1st-person gunplay and exploration - Make use of exotic weapons and special items as you face the unspeakable denizens of the Barren; such as depraved mountain tribes, hybrid aquatic creatures, ancient entities and ever-shifting horrors.
  • Scavenge and customize your arsenal of weapons from conventional 1920’s firearms to hexed pistols given occult properties, strange artifacts and even alien bio-weapons.
  • Uncover the "Weirds", the anomalous pockets beyond space and time, sad remnants of the Elder Ones' experiments. For you it is always a gamble – you might find powerful artifacts that will help you in your struggle against the evil surrounding you; or encounter an even greater horror and meet your ultimate doom instead.
  • Explore the unknown - you will venture into sunless forests, roam frozen tundras, scale hostile cliffs and endless glaciers, delve into dark caves brimming with alien fungi and underground lakes, discover eons-old mounds and timeless necropoli; you are on a journey to a land beyond sanity and reason, and the wonder of each place you visit will only be exceeded by its dread.
  • Advanced gameplay mechanics for a unique experience - unlocking new equipment that enables you to venture into previously unavailable areas; dynamic sanity system that can lead to hallucinations or panic attacks; a character progression system using various artifacts to alter your vital stats and other mechanics all come together to elevate Decadent into a gameplay experience tailored to each player’s unique style and taste.

As of January 1 2024, Steam will officially stop supporting the Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems. After that date, the Steam Client will no longer run on those versions of Windows. Source: Steam

System Requirements Decadent

Windows Minimal

OS: Windows 10 64 bit
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500 | AMD FX-4350
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060 | AMD FX-4350 @ 6 GB
DirectX: DirectX 12
HDD: 35 GB

SSD strongly recommended

Windows Recommended

OS: Windows 11 64 bit
CPU: Intel Core i5 6500 | AMD Ryzen 3 1200
RAM: 16 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA RTX 3060 | AMD RX 6700-XT @ 12 GB
DirectX: DirectX 12
HDD: 35 GB

SSD strongly recommended


  • Single-Player

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