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The Elder Scrolls Online Deluxe Collection: Gold Road

A forgotten Daedric Prince has returned, bringing chaos to West Weald! Explore a new zone and defend the city of Skingrad, first encountered in TES IV: Oblivion, now beset by a dangerous Daedric cult and the jungles of Valenwood.

Windows PCApple Mac  Release: 06.03.2024
$79.99 -10% $71.99

GUNDAM BREAKER 4 Deluxe Edition

Create your own ultimate Gundam in the newest Gundam Breaker game!

Windows PC  Release: 08.28.2024
$89.99 -15% $76.49

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl - Deluxe Edition

Take over a role of the lone stalker and explore photorealistic seamless open world in a 64-km² radioactive zone with a variety of environments that reveal post-apocalyptic atmosphere from different angles.

Windows PC  Release: 09.05.2024

GUNDAM BREAKER 4 Ultimate Edition

Create your own ultimate Gundam in the newest Gundam Breaker game!

Windows PC  Release: 08.28.2024
$99.99 -15% $84.99

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2: Blood Moon Edition

Enter the World of Darkness and rise through vampire society. Experience Seattle - a city full of alluring, dangerous characters and factions. In this sequel to the cult classic, your choices, plots and schemes will change the balance of power.

Windows PC  Release unconfirmed

ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree Deluxe Edition

The Shadow of the Erdtree Deluxe Edition includes: ELDEN RING, ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, ELDEN RING Digital Artbook & Original Soundtrack and ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree Digital Artbook & Original Soundtrack.

Windows PC  Release: 06.20.2024
$99.99 -10% $89.99

Destiny 2: The Final Shape + Annual Pass

Includes the new campaign, new destination, three new Supers, The Final Shape Dungeon Key, the new and instantly unlocked Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle, one Secret Stash delivered during each Episode, an Exotic Sparrow, and all three Episodes in the year of The Final Shape.

Windows PC  Release: 06.04.2024
$99.99 -10% $89.99

Star Wars Outlaws Gold Edition

Experience the first-ever open world Star Wars™ game and explore distinct locations across the galaxy. Risk it all as scoundrel Kay Vess, seeking freedom and the means to start a new life. Fight, steal, and outwit your way through the galaxy’s crime syndicates as you join the galaxy’s most wanted.

Windows PC  Release: 08.30.2024
$109.99 -10% $98.99

Assassin's Creed Shadows - Gold Edition

Play the game up to three days early with the Gold Edition, which includes the base game and the season pass.

Windows PC  Release: 11.14.2024
$109.99 -10% $98.99

Dragonkin: The Banished

In a world dominated by dragons, play as one of four heroes, solo or multiplayer, and fight hordes of enemies, adapt your build with the unique Ancestral Grid system, improve your city and share it with your friends.

Windows PC  Release: February 2025

Alliance of the Sacred Suns

Alliance of the Sacred Suns is a sci-fi grand-strategy RPG that begins with your coronation as the head of an interstellar Empire, and ends with your demise. Manage feuding noble houses and the schemes of would-be usurpers as you try to revive the glory of an Empire on the brink of collapse.

Windows PCApple Mac  Release: 2024

City of Atlantis

The legendary City of Atlantis has emerged from underwater. This time you are in charge. Build, plan, upgrade and survive!

Windows PC  Release unconfirmed

Corsairs - Battle of the Caribbean

An immersive adventure and strategy game set amidst the thrilling world of buccaneering. As a shrewd captain, navigate tumultuous seas, engage in complex politics, and manage a diverse crew to establish maritime dominance and ensure your fleet's future.

Windows PC  Release: 2024

Hyper Light Breaker

Enter the Overgrowth, a forgotten land in the world of Hyper Light. Play alone or with friends to explore open worlds, fight brutal monsters, unlock gear, create new builds, take on the mysterious Crowns and overthrow the ominous Abyss King in this adventure from the creators of Hyper Light Drifter.

Windows PC  Release unconfirmed

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2

The galaxy is in peril. Entire worlds are falling. The Imperium needs you.

Windows PC  Release: 09.09.2024

Human Fall Flat 2

Team up and let your creativity run wild in Human Fall Flat 2, the outrageous new sequel to the much-loved capers of everyone’s favourite physics-based human friends.

Windows PC  Release unconfirmed

The Lost Wild

A survival horror adventure about overcoming nature’s most formidable forms of life. Explore overgrown research facilities nestled in a lush wilderness. Be resourceful, intimidate, evade, and unravel the mystery at the heart of the island.

Windows PC  Release unconfirmed


Discover the origin story of iconic military operative Snake and begin to unravel the plot of the legendary METAL GEAR series.

Windows PC  Release unconfirmed

Falling Frontier

Conquer a vast procedurally generated star system in Falling Frontier, a sci-fi RTS where intel and logistics are decisive factors. Design ships and raid enemy supply lines, lay minefields and construct recon stations, and ambush enemy forces within asteroid fields and nebulae.

Windows PC  Release: 2026

New Arc Line

Take a stand in the eternal conflict between Arcane Magic and Steampunk Revolution and tip the uneasy balance between sorcery, elves, dwarves and mysterious monsters on one side and steampunk gadgets, zeppelins, and tesla guns on the other in this single-player, party-based, story-rich RPG.

Windows PC  Release: 2024