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For The King: Lost Civilization Adventure Pack
For The King: Lost Civilization Adventure Pack / Explore the mysterious Jungle Falls   $5.99 -58% $2.50
Prison Architect - Going Green
Prison Architect - Going Green / Prepare to get your hands dirty Wardens!   $9.99 -10% $8.99
The Skylia Prophecy
The Skylia Prophecy / A storydriven action-rpg   $14.99 -10% $13.49
Silmaris: Dice Kingdom
Silmaris: Dice Kingdom / Roll the dice to rule them all!   $11.99 -10% $10.79
Secret Government
Secret Government / Lead a secret society   $19.99 -10% $17.99
Mail Mole
Mail Mole / A charming 3D platformer   $14.99 -10% $13.49
Dying Light - Harran Tactical Unit Bundle
Dying Light - Harran Tactical Unit Bundle / Now Available   $2.99 -5% $2.84
Jumpala / Fast-paced jumping puzzler!   $9.99 -10% $8.99
Two Point Hospital: A Stitch in Time
Two Point Hospital: A Stitch in Time / Now Available   $8.99 -5% $8.54
Silicon Dreams | cyberpunk interrogation
Silicon Dreams | cyberpunk interrogation / Now Available   $14.99 -10% $13.49

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Victoria 3: Voice of the People

Relive the dramatic political events of the 19th century in this first immersion pack for Victoria 3. Drawing from the historical struggles between reformists, reactionaries and revolutionaries, Voice of the People puts you in the middle of political crises as charismatic characters from history vigorously push their agendas.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Strategy
$14.99 -5% $14.24

Crusader Kings III: Tours & Tournaments

Life is a journey of chivalric adventure, so why don’t you embrace yours, ruler? Create your very own epic story with the major expansion, Crusader Kings III: Tours & Tournaments. Be awed by the sights and events that await you, from bold, mock combat in the jousting area to adventuring perilous wilds with your royal entourage.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Strategy
$29.99 -5% $28.49

Stellaris: Galactic Paragons

The galactic council is vast and full of personality! Add Galactic Paragons to your empires and experience a new level of character and story as great leaders rise to positions of power and follow your lead to the stars.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Strategy
$14.99 -5% $14.24

Metal Mutation

In a not-so-distant future taken over by companies and technology, a Cyborg and an AI fight together to save mankind from nanoviruses. Play alone or as a team of 4 players in this Post-Cyberpunk Action Roguelike Dungeon Crawler!

Windows PCLinux  Action / Arcade & Indie
$16.99 -10% $15.29

World Turtles

The World Turtle carries entire civilizations on its back through outer space, and the gentle Meeps are the only ones on a quest to save it. Cooperation, rather than conquest will save the day, so prepare to harvest, build, research, and explore the void in this wholesome turtleback builder.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Arcade & Indie / Simulation
$19.99 -10% $17.99

Dungeon Drafters

Play as a young adventurer eager to explore ancient ruins in this tile-based dungeon crawler with rogue-lite elements. Choose your character, create your unique spell deck and plunge into the ancient dungeons on a quest to rid the world of evil and forbidden cards.

Windows PCLinux  RPG (Roleplay)
$24.99 -10% $22.49

Cassette Beasts: Deluxe Edition

This edition contains everything you need for the complete Cassette Beasts experience. Set out to explore the world of New Wirral with max expression, unique apparel, and accessories in the Cosplay Pack; blast the 80’s vibe tracks and their amped-up style in lossless format regardless of where you are with the Essential Soundtrack – and get to know the visual language intimately with the art book.

Windows PCLinux  RPG (Roleplay)
$30.57 -10% $27.49

Cassette Beasts

Collect awesome monsters to use during turn-based battles in this open-world RPG. Combine any two monster forms using Cassette Beasts’ Fusion System to create unique and powerful new ones!

Windows PCLinux  Arcade & Indie / RPG (Roleplay)
$19.99 -10% $17.99

Teslagrad Remastered

Return to the indie classic Teslagrad, recharged to provide the ultimate electromagnetic experience! Escape a tyrant king, master the art of Teslamancy, and uncover the secrets buried deep within the Tesla Tower in this puzzle-platforming adventure!

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Adventure / Arcade & Indie
$9.99 -10% $8.99

Train Valley 2 - Editor's Bulletin

Editor's Bulletin is here to bring you up to speed with the latest developments in the competitive business of driving fast trains with expensive cargo across unpredictable, treacherous and somehow familiar landscapes.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Simulation / Strategy

X4: Community of Planets Collector's Edition

X4: Community of Planets Collector's Edition reunites all the known species of the X4 Universe by including the four content expansions[ X4: Split Vendetta, X4: Cradle of Humanity, X4: Tides of Avarice as well as X4: Kingdom End.

Windows PCLinux  Simulation / Strategy
$131.91 -10% $118.72

X4: Community of Planets Edition

X4: Community of Planets Edition reunites all the known species of the X4 Universe, and is the perfect choice to celebrate the full experience.

Windows PCLinux  Simulation / Strategy
$87.96 -10% $79.16

X4: Kingdom End

Enjoy a long-awaited reunion with the Boron in X4: Kingdom End, the fourth expansion for X4: Foundations, which completes the collection of the main factions in the X Universe. Discover the unique Boron ships, and fly them through distinctive systems, on a journey of discovery. Visit fascinating places, uncover old secrets and make new acquaintances. Embark on an immersive new chapter of X4!

Windows PCLinux  Simulation / Strategy
$14.99 -10% $13.49

Saga of Sins

Saga of Sins is an expiatory action-adventure which features a mystical storyline and a rewarding arcade gameplay! Transform into demonic creatures and fight the seven deadly sins.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Arcade & Indie / RPG (Roleplay)
$14.99 -10% $13.49

Cities: Skylines - Rock City Radio

Rock Radio is the perfect soundtrack to build your own Detroit Rock City - just try not to trash your hotel rooms too much!

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Strategy

Cities: Skylines - World Tour Bundle 2

It’s the second stop of the Cities: Skylines “World Tour”, with new content inspired from around the world!

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Strategy
$24.99 -10% $22.49

Cities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: Africa in Miniature

Cities: Skylines presents Africa In Miniature: a Content Creator Pack set in the African Continent that includes 28 new buildings inspired by the existing urban masterpieces and unique architectural concepts.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Strategy
$5.99 -5% $5.69

Cities: Skylines - 80's Movies Tunes

“80’s Movies Tunes” is a Radio Station inspired by the 80’s classics. Let’s dive into the past with more than 15 tracks and around 70 minutes of music.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Strategy

Cities: Skylines - Pop-Punk Radio

We created this Radio Station for all the Pop-Punk city builders out there. If you enjoy pop-punk music, then this Radio Station is for you! With 16 tracks and more than 75 minutes of powerful, high-beat tunes.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Strategy

Cities: Skylines - JADIA Radio

The African continent is vast, and its music is diverse. JADIA Radio Station (Just Another Day in Africa) is a collection of 16 tracks from musician Wan Shey who pays homage to his country’s musical traditions.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Strategy