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MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries / Decimate the enemy in your BattleMech   $29.99 -10% $26.99
Grand Casino Tycoon
Grand Casino Tycoon / Design & manage stunning casinos   $24.99 -10% $22.49
OMSI 2 Add-on Enhanced Environment Pack
OMSI 2 Add-on Enhanced Environment Pack / Now Available   $6.99 -10% $6.29
WE ARE FOOTBALL / WE ARE FOOTBAL   $34.99 -10% $31.49
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers / Now Available   $24.99 -15% $21.24
Fernbus Simulator - Belgium
Fernbus Simulator - Belgium / Now Available   $9.99 -10% $8.99
Pro Cycling Manager 2021
Pro Cycling Manager 2021 / Manage one of 80 teams in over 260 races   $39.99 -10% $35.99
Field of Glory II: Medieval - Reconquista
Field of Glory II: Medieval - Reconquista / Includes new nations, units and more!   $14.99 -10% $13.49
OMSI 2 Add-On Velbert
OMSI 2 Add-On Velbert / Now Available   $9.99 -10% $8.99
World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator
World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator / Experience aviation as never before!   $29.99 -10% $26.99

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Grand Casino Tycoon
Grand Casino Tycoon $24.99 -10% $22.49
Football Manager 2021
Football Manager 2021 $49.99 -56% $21.99
Travellers Rest
Travellers Rest $14.99 -10% $13.49

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Take care of cute kittens - lots and lots of cute kittens! Get points for keeping them happy and lose points for everything they destroy. Use points to upgrade your tools. Or just hang out and play with lots of cute kittens in the more relaxed sandbox mode.

Windows PC  Simulation / Virtual Reality
$14.99 -10% $13.49

Bus Driver Simulator - Old Legend

This small bus, designed for transportation over short distances, was manufactured from 1967 to 1989. Its good maneuverability is an advantage both in urban conditions and on highways.

Windows PC  Simulation
$1.99 -10% $1.79

Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Giant Carp Pack

Featuring two incredible venues – the historic Wraysbury 1 South Lake and the incredible Gillhams Fishing Resort.

Windows PC  Simulation
$14.99 -10% $13.49

FIA European Truck Racing Championship

The only official simulation that features all the unique characteristics of the ETRC and offers all racing fans a completely new driving experience: race a giant 5-tonne, 1,000-horsepower truck against 12 competitors while respecting the race rules to avoid penalties.

Windows PC  Sport / Simulation
$39.99 -10% $35.99


Build, manage and grow a thriving colony, discover new lands, craft legendary weapons and defeat your enemies. Kubifaktorium will feature different biomes to explore, plenty of resources to exploit, complex machinery to build and interesting production chains to master!

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Strategy / Simulation
$19.99 -3% $19.39

OMSI 2 Add-On Wuppertal Buslinie 639

With the new OMSI 2 Mini DLC you expand Wuppertal by 6km mobile route through the mountains of the district Sonnborn.

Windows PC  Simulation
$5.99 -10% $5.39

The Sims™ 4 Island Living

Explore a breezy world drenched in sun, sand and endless fun as your Sims make their own paradise in The Sims 4 Island Living. Whether they contribute to the conservation effort or prefer living off the grid, your Sims can take the plunge and enjoy what this unique culture has to offer.

Windows PCApple Mac  Simulation
$39.99 -50% $19.99

Train Sim World®: Amtrak SW1000R Loco Add-On

New and challenging railroading awaits you on the bustling Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York route with this DLC that includes Amtrak’s unique SW1000R diesel switcher and distinctive ex-Metroliner Cab Control Car.

Windows PC  Simulation
$19.99 -61% $7.80

Jurassic World Evolution: Claire's Sanctuary

Time is running out! The once dormant Mt. Sibo is expected to erupt at any time and threatens to send the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar back to extinction. Leap into action with former Jurassic World Operations Manager, Claire Dearing, and work together on this rescue mission to save these magnificent creatures.

Windows PC  Simulation / Strategy
$14.99 -10% $13.49

ZUSI 3 - Aerosoft Edition

Enter the virtual cab and experience a train driver’s operations at the highest level of realism. ZUSI 3 Aerosoft Edition is a train simulation for PCs, the professional version of which is also being used in railway companies for engine driver training.

Windows PC  Simulation
$69.99 -15% $59.49

Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern N-Line Route Add-On

American branch lines and short lines, especially those in the Southeast, have long been revered for their unique and captivating style of railroading – and now that extraordinary experience comes to Train Simulator with the Norfolk Southern N-Line route!

Windows PC  Simulation
$39.99 -58% $16.99

Train Sim World®: BR Heavy Freight Pack Loco Add-On

The BR Heavy Freight Pack brings together two icons of British Motive Power, the Class 40, one of the first mass produced diesel-electric locomotive classes for British Railways, and the BR Class 08, perhaps one of the most common sights on the British railway network.

Windows PC  Simulation
$19.99 -57% $8.50


Overcome crisis and the unrelenting pressure of a frozen ocean. Flee or fight alien lifeforms, explore a strange new world in Jupiter’s orbit, command your crew and craft equipment in a tense 2D experience.

Windows PCApple Mac  Action / Strategy
$29.99 -60% $11.99

Bus Driver Simulator - European Minibus

This German minibus, in production since 1995, was created to meet various needs, such as comfortable passenger transportation and cargo transportation. Produced with different chassis, it can be used as a minibus, van, refrigerated vehicle or special-purpose vehicle (ambulance, mobile office etc.).

Windows PC  Simulation
$1.99 -10% $1.79

Planet Coaster - Ghostbusters™

The pack boasts a brand new, story-driven scenario and employs the talents of Dan Aykroyd and William Atherton, who voice their roles as iconic Ghostbusters’ co-founder, Raymond Stantz, and Special Agent Walter Peck, from the 1984 classic.

Windows PC  Simulation
$14.99 -10% $13.49

Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion

This feature-rich expansion is focused on increasing the objective possibilities once celestial bodies have been reached by adding more interesting scientific endeavors and expanding the toolset.

Windows PC  Simulation
$14.99 -10% $13.49

Rescue HQ - The Tycoon

Build up your headquarter from the foundation to a complex emergency centre! The safety of the citizens in your city is in your hands – are you up to the challenge?

Windows PC  Simulation
$19.99 -10% $17.99

Railroad Corporation

Relive the pioneering spirit of the Golden Age of Steam by establishing your own railroad empire across 19th century North America. Race against time, as well as the competition, to bring settlements together, produce and trade goods and develop new technologies.

Windows PC  Strategy / Simulation
$34.99 -10% $31.49

Train Sim World®: Tees Valley Line: Darlington – Saltburn-by-t...

Experience a bygone era of British Rail in the historic birthplace of railways and the heart of the British Steel industry in Train Sim World: Tees Valley Line.

Windows PC  Simulation
$29.99 -62% $11.50

Bus Simulator 18 - Official map extension

The official map extension of the popular Bus Simulator expands the main game by 2 brand new municipalities with 9 new, varied missions and 20 bus stops. Many new road miles in Seaside Valley and its surroundings are just waiting to be discovered by you on board of your favorite bus.

Windows PC  Simulation
$15.99 -20% $12.79