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How does the game download work?

How often can I download my game?

Most of our game keys are for Steam, Origin and Ubisoft Connect and will be bound to 1 account of your choosing, you can download these as many times as you wish. For other older games it's also unlimited.

Can I have my game sent to me on DVD?

Unfortunately no, since we offer games exclusively for download. But you have the right to burn the downloaded game as a backup on DVD.

Do I have to use the download manager to download my games?

No. Most current games are not downloaded with us but in the appropriate clients (Steam, Origin, Ubisoft Connect etc.) This information can be found on the product page of the game. For games not client restricted (Steam, Origin, Ubisoft Connect etc.) you can download the game directly from the download links using a web browser, or with a download manager of your choice.

May I burn my downloaded games onto DVD?

Of course - we recommend that you do this in order to save both time and download bandwidth, instead of downloading the game again later. You can also download the game as many times as you wish at no extra cost to you.

Do I need an Internet connection to play my game?

In most games you need an Internet connection for activation, and an Internet connection is obviously required for online multiplayer and MMO games. Most games however do not require an Internet connection to play them; this information is found on each game's product page.