Classified: France '44 Steam Key

Classified: France '44

Command an elite team of allied special operators in Nazi-occupied France wreaking havoc in the run up to D-Day in this ambitious turn-based tactics game. Take on the might of Germany's war machine and launch daring raids in occupied territory. Can you do enough to ensure Allied victory?

Windows PC  Strategy
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February 07, 2024 – CraigBGP Team

Team17's tactical game Classified: France '44 announced with trailer for March release

Get ready to face World War II again when Team17 brings their tactical strategy game Classified: France '44 in March. This upcoming turn-based title lets you command an elite squad of French resistance fighters in the run-up to D-Day. Mix up German positions with your soldiers, sneak up on them, lure Nazis into traps or dare to launch a courageous frontal attack!

With a new (unfortunately somewhat short) trailer, publisher Team17 and developer Absolutely Games draw attention to the very near release date. On March 5th 2024, Classified: France '44 will be available for you and you can now pre-order on Gamesplanet.

Buy Classified France '44: on Gamesplanet with pre-order bonuses

Get your war preparations done now and pre-order Classified: France '44 on Gamesplanet. Not only will you save 10% off the regular retail price, but you'll also receive the Resistance Kit as a bonus, which contains the following items:

“Shadow” pattern weapons pack:

  • M1 Carbine “Shadow”
  • Lee Enfield “Shadow”
  • Trench Gun “Shadow”

“Ghost” pattern resistance clothing:

  • Resistance Hat “Ghost”
  • Resistance Jacket “Ghost”
  • Resistance Trousers “Ghost”

If you can't wait to take out Nazis in the Second World War, you'd better grab the Overlord Edition of Classified: France '44. It not only contains the main game and the Season Pass, but also lets you march to the front about 6 days earlier in Early Access.

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