Atomic Heart – February 21, 2023     0

Explore the mad world of Atomic Heart, which is out now!

It looks enchanting when Soviet robots burst: And in Atomic Heart quite a few of them burst, shortly after a Soviet dream has been shattered (once again) - because the red androids seem to have more screws loose than their designers intended. In...

Like a Dragon: Ishin! – February 21, 2023     0

Unleash your blade with the Like a Dragon: Ishin launch trailer!

Take up your sword with Like a Dragon: Ishin! from developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and publisher SEGA, which is out now. Feast your eyes on the glorious launch trailer now! For many years, fans have been wanting a modern release of the hugely...

Company of Heroes 3 – February 21, 2023     0

Company of Heroes 3 - Everything you need to know!

Head to war with the eagerly antipcated strategy sequel Company of Heroes 3, which is launching on February 23rd 2023 from publisher SEGA and developer Relic. Take a look at our recap guide while you wait! What is Company of Heroes 3 The...

Atomic Heart – February 20, 2023     0

The first 23 minutes of Atomic Heart 4k Gameplay and Review from IGN

IGN has put Atomic Heart through its paces - and the results are impressive. Take on the world of the strange as developer Mundfish and publisher Focus Entertainment release a first-person shooter later today that packs a punch. Atomic Heart is...

Far Cry 6 – February 15, 2023     0

Visit Yara with the Far Cry 6 Free Weekend (Feb 16th-20th) and save with our promo!

Explore the tropical islands of Yara in Far Cry 6 and play the game for free from February 16th-20th with a new free weekend trial. Plus save on the game with discounts from Gamesplanet! Pack your suitcase for adventure with a brand new Free...

Returnal – February 14, 2023     0

Returnal - Everything you need to know!

Experience hard-hitting roguelike action in a merciless sci-fi universe with the new PC version of Returnal. Returnal will be released on February 15th for PC - here is an overview of the most important information and videos. What is Returnal? ...

Pharaoh: A New Era – February 09, 2023     0

Build cities in Egypt with the Pharaoh: A New Era gameplay overview video!

Rise of the Pharaohs: The acclaimed construction game Pharaoh from 1999 will be released on February 15th as a new edition by Dotemu under the name Pharaoh: A New Era. A new gameplay video really whets the appetite for hauling stones. A pyramid...

Pharaoh: A New Era – February 09, 2023     0

Citybuilding im Alten Ägypten: Pharaoh - A New Era zeigt sich im Gameplay-Video

Aufstieg der Pharaonen: Das gefeierte Aufbauspiel Pharao aus dem Jahr 1999 erscheint am 15.2.2023 als Neuauflage von Dotemu unter dem Namen Pharaoh: A New Era. Ein neues Gameplay-Video macht richtig Lust auf Steineschleppen. So eine Pyramide ist...

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