Call of the Sea – December 08, 2020     0

Set sail for adventure with Call of the Sea - Out Now!

The outside weather may look bleak with grey skies and cold temperatures, but luckily publisher Raw Fury is taking us to a tropical island with the release of their adventure game Call of the Sea. Set during the 1930s, you'll travel to an island...

December 07, 2020     0

XMAS Deals Week #3 Sale Guide (December 6th - 13th 2020)

XMAS DEALS - Week 3, the escalation continues! This week we have yet another 500+ deals for you to tuck into before Christmas. Each week until December 20th you'll be able to get your hands on tasty deals with over 2,000 offers up for grabs in...

F1® 2020 – December 03, 2020     0

Video: How the driving lines in F12020 help you become a better driver!

Stay on track: Simulation games like F1 2020 usually offer a a range of driving aids to assist the player. Codemasters demonstrates how useful the fade-in racing line is and what needs to be taken into account by means of a tutorial video using...

Chronos: Before the Ashes – December 01, 2020     0

Chronos: Before the Ashes gears up for release with the launch trailer!

Does the VR title Chronos (2016) now also work in an optimised form on the flat screen? Initial tests indicate a promising gaming experience, like a kind of "Dark Souls Light". Chronos: Before the Ashes follows Chronos (2016), a game developed...

November 30, 2020     0

XMAS Deals Week #2 Sale Guide (November 29th - December 6th

The run-up to Christmas continues as we hit the second week of our XMAS Deals 2020 begins with over 500 new deals being added to the site for the next week. Every week until December 20th we'll offer great PC titles at super prices. Expect more...

Empire of Sin – November 26, 2020     0

Take a look at the Empire of Sin management and combat gameplay

The Chicago of the 1920s was a Mecca for criminal gangs during the Prohibition era. Paradox Interactive lets you take on the role of a gangster boss in Empire of Sin, as you build up a gangster empire out of the ground. If you want to run a...

November 23, 2020     0

XMAS Deals Week #1 Sale Guide (November 23rd - 29th)

2020 was not a good year, but it doesn't have to end that way. Starting today until December 21st we'll have new XMAS Deals deals each week with discounts on some of the hottest (or coolest?) games with over 2,000 titles on offer! In our first...

Firefighting Simulator - The Squad – November 17, 2020     0

Tackle fires in Firefighting Simulator - The Squad

Become a member of a major US city's firefighting team in Firefighting Simulator - The Squad from publisher astragon, which is now available. Fight fires solo, or team up with up to 3 others in co-op multiplayer and deploy in 30 varied locations....

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