Total War: WARHAMMER III – March 15, 2023     0

Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs DLC for Total War Warhammer 3 revealed with trailer - Pre-order Now!

The upcoming DLC for Total War: Warhammer 3 will be bigger than any Chaos Dwarf: Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs brings a new faction to the game - and you can pre-order the expansion now for a great price. Even before the announcement, rumours about a...

Rough Justice: '84 – March 14, 2023     0

Run your own security company in the 80s with Rough Justice: '84

Running a private security company in the 80s? I'd certainly like to! With a rather unusual setting, publisher Daedalic Entertainment ventures on a journey through time in cooperation with developer Gamma Minus UG: In the board game-inspired...

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – March 13, 2023     0

The Elder Scrolls Online: Scribes of Fate trailer heralds "Shadows over Morrowind" with new dungeons

Enter the "Shadows over Morrowind" narrative of The Elder Scrolls Online with two new challenging dungeons. It's going to get wild, because with ESO: Scribes of Fate you'll even be traveling as a time traveler to the aid of a Daedric cult. The new...

RoboCop: Rogue City – March 12, 2023     0

Publisher Nacon gives a look at their upcoming games with Nacon Connect 2023!

2023 is shaping to be one of the best years in gaming for a while, and publisher Nacon have given us a taste of what to expect from them with the recent Nacon Connect 2023, showcasing off a number of their titles that are on the way. First up we...

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – March 08, 2023     0

Celebrate the launch of Six Siege Year 8 and play for free from March 9th - 16th

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft. The game has now reached its eighth year and still offers players a lot of excitement and adventure. The game includes unique operators with different...

The Lamplighters League – March 07, 2023     0

Paradox Announcement Show 2023: The Lamplighters League planned for 2023

Yesterday, the Paradox Announcement Show 2023 took place, where publisher Paradox was able to present many WIP projects - expansions, updates and even new titles. The strategy game The Lamplighters League is one of them. The Lamplighters League...

DREDGE – March 07, 2023     0

Search the waters with DREDGE and pre-order today!

While DREDGE may look like a single-player fishing game, Team17 and Black Salt Games' adventure will take you into troubled waters, literally and figuratively. Expected to be released on March 30th 2023, things look simple on the surface: take...

Cities Skylines II – March 07, 2023     0

Cities Skylines 2 revealed for a 2023 release: New visuals, more realistic than its predecessor?

You can count on Paradox Interactive when it comes to building games: The publisher announced Cities Skylines 2 at the Paradox Show - and it's already coming this year. The building game Cities Skylines is so successful that even 8 years after...

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